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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not Your Average Pet

It is time for Get to Know Our Pets. They are not average 4 legged creatures...they are special and unique in their own little ways. If you came to our house to meet them you would think they were ordinary dogs and cats....But we know different.... they have special powers. They can Morph!! OK, OK...I hear what you're thinking - I hear you laughing....BUT WAIT....I have proof. Here they are in all their Morphing wonder, and now the world will know how talented our pets are.

Zack is our boxer/lab mutt by night he morphs into a .....

...Pig!! That's right....a Big Black Pig With a Huge Black Snout!! While he is a pig he roots through all the garbage cans and takes his treasures outside to enjoy in privacy.

Baron is our Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy. He is still perfecting his Morphing ways....he is only 7 months old right now. He has tried many morphs along the way....testing them out....trying to find The Perfect One. Here are some of the morphs he has tested....

...a Bat. Correction: a Sleeping Bat in the Daytime Laying in the Crook of a Little Girl's Arm.

He has also tried the Seal Morph. This worked well for awhile but when he asked for an appointment with the Chiropractor I told him that this morph had to go.!!

Tucker is our youngest cat. We rescued him when he was 3 weeks old and bottle fed him for quite awhile...he had a hard time giving it up!! His morphing ways came about quite naturally to him. He knew what he wanted from an early age and the fit was perfect....

....he is the Gremlin Morph....remember that movie?? Maybe we should have named him Gizmo??
Rooney is our orange boy. He is named after my favorite footballer - Wayne Rooney from the best soccer (also known as REAL Football) team - Manchester United!! Ahem...back to the morphs....Rooney also came into his Morph at an early age and it fit him perfectly.....

...he is Non Nocturnal Non Hanging By Feet Bat. Just look at those ears. He did eventually grow into them!!
There you have it....those are our Pets Covered With Fur...the reptile pets will have to wait for another day. I will now leave you with one more picture of Zack. We call this his "Poor Pitiful Me" Face.


Nekked Lizards said...

Ok, I'm a believer... you have morphing pets. Lovable, hugable, kissable each and every one! Nekked Lizards

Cynthia said...

THey are so cute. THey are even cuter because they are at YOUR house.

I am in awe of your patience abilities. 2 big dogs. In your house.


suchsimplepleasures said...

such cute pets...and great pics. we have a house full of pets, as well. 4 adorable cats and a really dog!
love the pics!

Willowtree said...

Ha ha ha, love the seal picture, Belle does that too, but I haven't been able to get a shot of it.

Andrya said...

AWW!!! Man, they are cute!!! I want a dog, but Mike won't let me get one. Says it's not nice to put a dog in an apartment. He's right. So, a cat? No cats. But, we can get another lizard. But I don't want another lizard. I want a dog. So, we need to buy a house. Ok, can you tell I'm ADD just like Dave. We're not related or anything. I think I've spent the whole day reading your blogs. I've loved every minute. And I'm anxiously waiting the next Adoptions 2 Journey. But, alas, I should pay some attentio to my fiance.
I love you.