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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Haunts and a Winner or Two

Happy Halloween!!! What are your Tricks? Your Treats??

This is our family of Jack O Lanterns. Can you tell who carved whom? We think they resemble the personality of the carver. The far left was carved by Cassie, it is full of drama and teen angst, with a side of sweetness. The front middle was carved by me, it epitomizes my "doesn't anyone in this house listen to me" face. The back middle one was carved by Dave, it shows his goofy, fun loving side. The far right is carved by Michael, it shows his happy go lucky, not a care in the world, "I can't hear you" side.

The family in action...even Baron was involved, hoping for a handout. Is pumpkin poisonous to dogs? I guess we will find out later....

The Grim Reaper meets the Jelly Belly Factory employee. I don't think I have ever seen the Grim Reaper so happy!!

The famous "Bobbing for Donuts" game. This is most requested game I have ever done with any children. Cassie's class still talks about it. We did it for the first time with Michael's class last year and they requested it again this year. They have to eat the donut off the string without using their hands. They love it!!

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for. My special guest....a genuine Jelly Belly Factory worker....will randomly draw the 2 lucky winners of a bag of Belly Flops....

The lucky winners are....comment #4

chrisb said...
Just wanted to wish you good luck with the test and will be saying a prayer for your MIL.

and comment #7

storyteller said...
Ah … she’s sooooooo cute and the t-shirt message so appropriate … would you mind if I shared it too? I’d certainly give you credit with a link, but it’s okay to say no if you’d rather not. I’ll be praying for you and your MIL ;--)Hugs and blessings,

Congratulations ChrisB and me at blessedfamm at comcast dot net with your address and I send your treats to you!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good News and Blogger Business

Good News!!! My mother in law's surgery went very well. Of course she is in great pain at the moment and her physical therapist is a sadist....but....she is up and walking and doing well. She had her knee replaced on Tuesday. Hopefully she will go home on Saturday and then I get to be the sadist making sure she is doing her exercises!

More Good News!!! I had an ultrasound on my left breast today rechecking the suspicious area they found 6 months ago. It has not changed and I am free for another 6 months. I need to schedule another ultrasound on the same day as my next mammogram to have it rechecked.

More Good News!!! I am the party mom for Michael's class and another mom stepped up to help me with the games!! Yea!! I have the craft activity and the main game all set up and she will do all the fillers and relay races..she is my new hero. The main game we are playing is "bobbing for donuts". We will hang donuts from a string above their heads and they have to eat the donut without using their hands. It works best with powdered donuts! We did it last year and the kids had a blast. I will post pictures tomorrow!!

Back to Blogger Business at Hand:

Tomorrow the winners will be drawn for my Give Away by a very special guest....tune in is not to late to enter...enter as many times as you like.

I have been tagged by my good friend Jan.

Here are the rules:

1.) Go to your Pictures folder on your computer

2.) Go to your 4th folder

3.) Get your 4th picture

4.) Tag four people

Here it is....

What a boring picture!!! Let's try this again...I will go to my 4th folder and choose the 8th it is...

Now that is a bit better. This is the gecko magnet that was in the above envelope. It was sent to me by Nekked Lizard Adventures in April of this year. I still have it on my refrigerator, Michael tried to steal it, but somehow I have managed to keep it!!

I have been Boo'd by Marmite and Tea....isn't the graphic cute?

If you’re here because I boo’d you, you need to
1. Take picture, put on sidebar
2. Tell people they have been booed
3. Link back to who booed you

Happy Halloween, hope yours is spooky and ooky and kooky.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway and check back in tomorrow for the winners!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Recap

My favorite time of the year is right now. I love the cool mornings and evenings, the crispness in the air and the colors. The oranges, the reds, the yellows....I love the fall colors. We don't see too much fall foliage here in California, but I appreciate every hue I see. Our annual pumpkin patch pictures are some of my favorites of the year. We took our annual trek to the pumpkin patch yesterday and we had an added bonus....our nephews came with us.

We don't see our nephews very often because of our family dynamics. It is very hard on our children who miss their cousins tremendously. My brother and his wife have pulled away from the family due to perceived and/or real is a long story for another day. Today we will focus on the positive! My parents arranged to have the boys for the weekend in order to spend some time with us. It was wonderful and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

As you can see, it was a beautiful day to enjoy the pumpkin patch and each other. I miss those boys, maybe in time the divides will be conquered. Until then I will enjoy them whenever I see them, and my children will do the same.

Yesterday was a busy day. I also took my girl scout trip on a field trip to Guide Dogs for the Blind. It was a wonderful can you not love those sweet puppies who grow up to be such wonderful companions and workers for their people. It is a truly a beautiful relationship.

I had to take a picture of this sign. It was posted above a small grassy area. In case you were wondering how a blind person would read this sign....they have hundreds of volunteers who walk the numerous dogs regularly...the sign is for them. A working guide dog is trained to relieve themselves on command at certain times of the day. That is one of the many interesting facts I learned yesterday. I also learned that they have volunteers who are puppy raisers and breeder keepers. I think we will sign up for that, not now, but definitely later.

I have a very busy week coming up....don't forget to sign up for my give away...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ramblings and a Give Away

This was too cute not to share. My mother in law sent this to me in an email....isn't it great? Speaking of my mother in law...she is have her knee replaced on Tuesday, if you could keep her in your thoughts and prayers that would be wonderful!!

I have scheduled my follow up ultrasound for my breast recheck next Thursday. I will keep you posted on the outcome...think good thoughts!!

Cassie was gone all week at camp with her class from school. She came home today and I was so happy to see her! She changed alot this week, for the good. The camp is a team building experience and she said it was very positive for her class. She came home more confident and mature. She is growing up into a wonderful young lady, I am so proud of her!!

It is now time for another give away!! A couple of weeks ago we took our girl scout troop to the Jelly Belly Factory and I brought a few bags of Belly Flops to share with my blogger buddies!! All you have to do is comment on this post and I will choose 2 random commenters....did you hear that?....2 lucky friends will get their own bag of Belly Flops!!! I will choose the winners next week, probably on can comment as often as you want, no limit!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Big 5-0 in Style

As most of you know my dear, sweet, wonderful husband turned 50 last Friday. He requested a birthday party in Disneyland and we were very happy to comply. We arrived at the Happiest Place on Earth on Wednesday and partied hard for 3 days and nights. We dragged our tired butts home on Saturday afternoon after a wild birthday party on Friday.

Our first stop on Friday morning was the City Hall on Main Street. Dave was given a lovely pin to wear and he wore it all day. Everyone told him "Happy Birthday" all day long. It was wonderful, he loved all the attention and I loved him having it. He was having a ball!!

Look how happy he looks....what more could a 50 year old birthday boy want...two beautiful children, a wonderful wife and a birthday party in Disneyland!!
Of course a birthday kiss from Minnie was the icing on the cake!!
Aladdin even wished Dave happy blessings.
A birthday cupcake with one candle....just perfect for Dave. When you are 50 your lung power is greatly diminished!!
We went all out for Dave's birthday....we ordered the works and Disneyland did not disappoint. They put on a huge, gorgeous fireworks display just for Dave's 50th birthday!!The sky was alight with sparklers.

The celebration was spectacular. The party was unforgettable.

The kids had a wonderful time....they wanted to party all night. Unfortunately the birthday boy was up way past his bedtime (look at that huge yawn in the background!!)
We got back to our hotel around midnight that night. The party had started at 7 that morning. It was the best birthday party I have ever gone to!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008's not just for hamburgers....

I need to do a little catch up here....sorry about not posting on Friday night. We didn't get back to our hotel until after midnight!! Dave had a wonderful birthday and I promise I will write a post on it soon. We got home late Saturday, after a 6 hour drive, and Sunday was spent unpacking, doing laundry, and packing Cassie up again. She left for camp this morning with her class and will be gone until Friday. I feel like I can finally sit down to the computer now!! I have not visited anyone for the past sorry, I promise to visit tonight....put the kettle on!!

While we were gone I received the following awards from my friend Swampy.

I have been coveting this special award for months and I feel so honored to receive it. Swampy has dedicated this month to Breast Cancer Awareness, which is near and dear to my heart as you know. Please visit her and show your support. If your lives have been affected by breast cancer, let her know. She has a tribute post up for survivors and those who have lost their courageous battle.

Thank you Swampy....I will wear these awards proudly!!

This photo is just for you Swampy...we saw your alter ego at Disneyland...she was not as nice as you though!!

Finally...we have a winner for the following book... have been chosen by my own random integer chooser!! Congratulations!! I think I have your address but I think I would much rather deliver this book in person. Let's set a date to me and we can set the particulars!!

That is all for my ketchup today...I will visit this evening and post a birthday post tomorrow, hopefully!!

I will also have another give away starting later on in the week!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth...

You guys are too smart!!! Actually Slick was right on the sure feels like the Twilight Zone right now.

We arrived here on Wednesday afternoon and have been traversing the parks for hours....riding rides....eating.....drinking, and no one has thrown up once. Michael came pretty close after riding Space Mountain!!
We are in Disneyland, not world....sorry Cynthia...if we were there I would definitely give you a call!!
The Haunted Mansion is done up wonderfully for Halloween....we loved it!!
Here is 3 of my favorite people....Cassie, Pooh, and Michael.
The future Indiana Jones...

Face Painting was on the must do list today.

Here is the man of the hour with his new girlfriend. He is reason we are down here playing hooky from school and work. Dave is turning 50 on Friday....He wanted to spend his special day the Happiest Place on Earth.
Stay tuned tomorrow for more adventures and photos...

I will pick the winner from my Give Away when we get home....stay tuned and it is not too late to enter....
I am not visiting while on vacation, just posting....I will swing by for a visit when we get home!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let's Play a Game

My last few posts have been a bit on the "heavy" side so I think it is time to lighten things up a bit over here in my world. Let's play a game, shall we? It is called.....guess where Alison and her family are right now. Here are some clues.....

Have you figured it out yet?? Here is another one....

Hmm...that was a hard about this one??

Have you figured it out yet? This next one should give it away....
Where are we????

Monday, October 13, 2008


Today I took Cassie to her yearly cardiologist appointment. She was diagnosed with a right bundle branch block 18 months ago. Fortunately, her EKG has not changed in the past 18 months so no treatment is necessary. We just need to monitor it closely, make note of any clinical/physical changes, and have regular visits with her cardiologist.

Her cardiologist's office is about an hour from our home. Ironically, it is located at the hospital she was born. Consequently her birthmother lives very near the office and we usually meet with her for a visit. Unfortunately, her birthmother was sick today so we had to postpone our get together. Cassie was disappointed, but we will schedule a visit soon. Cassie has a baby sister who will be 1 this month, she was looking forward to seeing her again.

I always find myself reminiscing when we venture down to this area. I vividly remember the day she was born. I watched my daughter today having her tests done and I became overwhelmed with emotions. I felt intense gratitude that she is healthy. Her condition does not affect her quality of life, this is a blessing.

I also thought about the miracle our bodies are, and how fragile they can become. Our bodies are a finely tuned machine and one misfired neuron can affect the entire operation. It is a wonder and a miracle. I was reminded to cherish my body, not to harm it.

My mind wandered down other avenues also. I saw my daughter as a life that was created by two people that were strangers to me. One has become a part of our family, one is still a stranger. Cassie does not physically resemble her birthmother, she may or may not resemble her birthfather. We have never met him. Irregardless, she is our daughter, given to us in love by a woman/child who was too young to become a mother. But she did become a mother in birth. She chose life for her baby. What would have happened if she hadn't made that choice? Cassie would not be here, where would my life be?

The moment that baby girl was placed in my arms my life changed. Everything changed. I love being a mom and my world revolves around my children and my home. All the choices and decisions I make are made with my family in mind. I have become a better person because I am a Mom. I am more empathetic, patient, kind, loving, compassionate, and open minded because I am a Mom. Where would my life be without Cassie? I have no idea, but I am awfully glad I don't know or need to find out. I am glad life was chosen and we were chosen to parent this angel child.

Today was a day of reflections. Another reminder of how grateful I am to have the name Mom. How grateful I am to have 2 beautiful and healthy children. How grateful I am to appreciate this gift and cherish it. How grateful I am that 2 beautiful women chose life and chose us to parent their angels.

Just for the record I believe that all women need to able to make this choice for themselves, the government should not make it for them.

Don't forget to enter my Give Away.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Power of Friendships

Girlfriends. Female companionship. Laughter. Shared intimacies. Friendships. Comradeship.

I spent the past 24 hours with my girl scout troop and their Moms. Our troop has been together for 9 years and their bond is strong. All the girls are unique, yet they are all alike. They go to different schools, yet their education is the same. They are very close, their bonds are strong. Girl Scouts has brought them together. Ten girls who would not seek each other out in a social situation because of their differences. Brought together through a single purpose, kept together by the bonds they have formed.

Watching these young teens laughing and talking brings tears to my eyes. They don't see their differences, or maybe they do and learn from each other. Some are into boys, some are into music, some are into books, some are into makeup, some are into nature.....they come together and are into one thing....having fun. Pillow fights, laughter, jumping on the trampoline, long talks into the dead of night, sharing intimacies as their bodies are changing. Priceless moments helping these young girls become young women. Teaching them that girlfriends are important. Talking to each other will help them sort out problems they have yet to encounter, life's challenges they have yet to face.

These outing are just as important to us Moms. Our laughter regularly wakes up our daughters. Our intimacies shared helps us as we encounter our challenges. Through divorces, deaths, illnesses, new births, new jobs, we rely on each other for support. We laugh until we cry, when deep down we want to cry over our current challenges. Our laughter drowns out our need to cry. We forget for a moment and lose ourselves in our comradeship. Our souls are cleansed with our laughter, our smiles.

We are showing our daughters how truly powerful female friendship is, how necessary it is to keep our souls healthy.

Last night we had a sleepover. We celebrated my co-leader's birthday. We laughed and talked into the deep hours of the night. Outside, in the backyard, our daughters were laughing and talking into the deep hours of the night. The traditions are being passed on.

We spent the day today having fun. We toured the Jelly Belly Factory, the girls played laser tag. they raced miniature cars. We had a wonderful time. We ended our day with smiles on our faces and we hugged each other goodbye, until our next outing, our next meeting. Good healthy fun, so important at this age for our girls.

We celebrated being women today, and becoming women. We savored our friendships. Girl scouts has brought us together, our friendships and our bonds keep us together.

Don't forget to enter my give away....

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Winner and the Third and Final Book Give Away

The winner of the above book.....chosen by my own personal Random Number Locator (my daughter)!! The Chaotic one!! Congrats Lisa....please email your address to me and I will ship your prize to you. Hmm...I just thought of something.....maybe I will hold your prize hostage until you enter a photo to National Geographic!!! something to think about....

This is the third and final book in this series of give aways. In order to win it all you have to do is leave a comment. The winner will be chosen at random next Thursday. Good Luck!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Babbling Brook

It is now 8:45 in the evening and I am just sitting down for the first time today!! This was one of those days that I thought would never end. I worked today and could not wait to finish my last patient. I really hate days like this because the time drags by so slowly. Usually I love my job, but sometimes days like today happen. After work I had just enough time to go home, change my clothes and load up the kids and the dog in order to take my daughter to tutoring.

Her tutoring is in Berkeley and I like to walk our dog during her hour session. Tonight I had the distinct pleasure of having Michael with me. It was so lovely to listen to his whining during the first half of the walk, it was muzak to my ears. Of course once we turned around and started back, the whining magically stopped, his side stopped hurting, his throat stopped hurting and I think world peace was accomplished! He even started leap frogging down the street....amazing isn't it!

I have showered and am relaxing now. I hope to get some visiting done tonight. If I don't get a chance to come to your place, don't worry. I am off work for the next 5 days so I am sure to get some visiting time in, I hope! I am going on a field trip tomorrow and I am taking my girl scout troop on an overnight on Friday.....please don't forget about me, I promise I won't forget about you!!

My second Give Away ends tomorrow...there is still time to sign up....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fun Monday

Our wonderful hostess with the mostess this week is Mommy Wizdom, and here is her assignment:

So, this is the assignment:

Themes to choose from:

A visit by your mother in law

Bedtime Stories

Raising a Teenager

The words: Ostrich, goosebumps, magazines, soup, cats, lethargic, noodles, tequila, doorknob, biscuit

Wild card words: prehistoric, Jedi Knight, cactus, periscope, humor

Your job is to write a story (true or made-up), poem, song, letter... whatever strikes you ABOUT one of the three themes. You must INCLUDE all 10 words. Wild cards words may be used in addition to or in place of the main 10 words.

Jose and My Mother In Law, a night to remember, or forget

It was a cold and stormy day. Our heater was broken and my body was covered in goosebumps. I decided to make chicken noodles soup in an attempt to warm myself. While the soup was simmering I put a batch of biscuits in the oven hoping the heat of the oven would warm the room a bit. After all that domestic work I was feeling a bit lethargic so sat on the couch and started reading magazines. I was still feeling a bit chilled and I had the wonderful idea that a shot of tequila would be an excellent idea. Fortunately the bottle and shot glass were on the table next to the couch so I didn't have to leave my cocoon of blankets. My cats jumped on my lap and were keeping my lap warm while the tequila was warming my insides. I am not quite sure how many shots I had when I saw the doorknob turn. In my befuddled state I envisioned Jedi Knight entering my domain for a shot of tequila. Much to my surprise it was not Jedi Knight but my Mother In Law. I immediately wanted to morph into an ostrich and bury my head in my mound of blankets. Unfortunately I was too late, she spotted me. She pointed her prehistoric looking finger at me and demanded to know what I was doing. I meekly waved my arm towards the kitchen where the soup was bubbling over and the biscuits were smoking from the oven. Just how many shots did I have?, I wondered. She was shaking with controlled mirth and immediately turned down the burner under the soup, put the burning biscuits in the sink, and waved a towel under the smoke alarm to stop its incessant bleating. She then joined me on the couch and together we entertained Jose Cuevo. It was an evening to remember, if only I could.

For more stories head on over to Mommy Wizdoms...

Don't forget to enter my Give Away....