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Friday, November 23, 2007

Is this guy handsome, or what?

This is Baron. He is our "little" puppy. He is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and in this picture he is 6 months old!! He is a beautiful dog and smart as a whip...and although the aforementioned traits are all well and good...because of them, he drives us crazy most days. Our son, Michael, has asked us on numerous occasions if we can get rid of him. In fact, he just asked me that earlier in the day. Michael had just finished making himself a "crabby pattie" (don't ask, Ok, Ok, if you must know it is a cheese sandwich made with ketchup, only today he got creative and put mustard on it too) and was enjoying his culinary talents when he made the fatal mistake of walking away from the kitchen counter. Well, as any fine dog knows....a little "counter surfing" and a little snack is had by all!! Baron was happy...he likes crabby patties. Michael, on the other hand was not happy!! A little tears, a lot of yelling, life goes on. If only Baron wasn't so smart and so stubborn...I would love to break him of his Extreme you think mousetraps on the counter will work?? Or is that some obscure form of animal abuse?

1 comment:

Caren said...

Yes! He most certainly is! He has a great head! Too bad Cassie did not venture into Junior Handling and show him! :)