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Monday, November 26, 2007

I Love My Children

I love my children....really I do. Even when they drive me absolutely starking raving loony....I love my children. We worked really hard at becoming a family. We started down the infertility road only to hit a roadblock in the first mile. That was fact that was really good for us, because the detour we took gave us these beautiful children we have. Both of our kids are adopted, in open adoptions. We were blessed with not only 2 healthy, great kids but we got the added bonus of an "adopted extended family". That is the beauty of open adoption. I love my children's birthmothers. They had the love and self confidence to commit the utmost unselfish act...placing their firstborns in an adoptive home. I saw first hand the love in their eyes on the day our children were born. I also saw the pain on their faces when we brought our children home. For a woman to have that much love in their heart and withstand that much pain, it is the ultimate "Mother's Love". On the day our son was born I told his birthmother that I couldn't take him away from her, that I could see how much she loved him. She told me that is why she wanted us to have him...she loved him that much. Even today, it brings tears to my eyes. People are always amazed that we have an open adoption, even in today's society when almost all adoptions are open. They ask me how I am able to keep in contact with our birthfamilies. I ask them "How can I not? What right would I have to be so selfish when they were anything but selfless?" I am eternally grateful to our children's birthmothers. They allowed me to become a Mom....they gave me the Greatest Gift any human being can give another. How can I not love them? How can I not allow them into our childrens' lives? How can I not consider them a part of our family?

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