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Friday, November 23, 2007

Fall Fun

I love Fall...I love the colors...I love the falling leaves...I love the nip in the air. Here in California the days are now mild and the nights are chilly. Because of the warmer weather, the leaves are dropping later. The above picture is my children jumping in the pile of leaves that my dad makes for them every year, usually this coveted event happens earlier in the year. The kids don't care when it happens, just as long as it happens. So today, the day after Turkey Day, when all you crazy people were out shopping, my kids were jumping in a pile of leaves and my parents and I were enjoying some great turkey sandwiches. My mom said to me "I don't think Cassie will do this next year". I was shocked...."of course she will!!", I replied. But the sad truth is, she might not. She will turn 13 next spring (gasp, shock, choke) and she may be too "mature" for leaf jumping. But then again, she may not. Time will tell. I distinctly remember being her age....wanting to grow up and be "mature", yet having a hard time letting go of childhood. I don't know how old I was when I completely crossed the line....I may never have!! I do know that my body has and there was absolutely no way I was jumping in leaves today....I just spent a week in bed, 3 weeks ago, with a severely sprained body has definitely "crossed the line"!! So...we sat there, my parents and I, and fondly watched my children, their grandchildren enjoy the simple pleasures of childhood - jumping in pile of leaves, lovingly compiled by their Grandpa, on a beautiful Fall doesn't get any better than that.

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