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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Rest In Peace....fair washing machine. You have had a good life. You have been a hard worker, on the job at least 3 times every day! You have kept our clothes stain and odor free...for the most part....and I know how difficult this was with all the boy clothes and the dog blankets. You have flailingly served us well the past 7 years or so and we are eternally grateful. My only wish would have been for you to meet your maker on a day when the appliance store was open!! But, alas...we can't have everything....and with this being Thanksgiving Weekend and all....let's list all the things we are grateful for:

5. The washing machine did not catch fire...only made a horrible, squeaky, droning noise.
4. I was home to hear the above mentioned noise and stop the impending disaster from happening.
3. The machine eeked out its last breath on the 20th load of the day, not the 1st.
2. I have a wonderful neighbor who allowed me to finish the load of wash in her beautiful, new, front loading machine.
And the Number One Reason to be Grateful...
1. I will not have to do any laundry until the new machine arrives!!!

There is a Laundry God after all!!!

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