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Friday, December 28, 2007

Destination: Oakland Hills

It was a cold and foggy day today. The perfect day to go to the Oakland Hills to visit the.....
What a wonderful museum!! We hadn't been there for a couple of years and it was the kids first choice for an outing today...actually their first choice was the San Francisco Zoo, but unfortunately it is still closed after the tragic tiger off we went to the Chabot Space and Science Center....come along with us...
There are some very cool exhibits at this museum...lots of info about stars and planets, imagine that!! My brain always go into Information Overload at these places so after I read a few informational placards and my brain started to hurt, I decided to devote the rest of my time to picture taking.
I found my son pondering the effects of dry ice and its gaseous emissions. This exhibit fascinated him for about 15 minutes...he sat there just like that and stared at it. He was so excited when the large piece dropped in....I had to pry him away. Shoot, if I had known it was so easy to get his attention I would have had dry ice on hand years ago!
Now this was interesting....I think these are the emissions that emanate from our bedroom on a nightly basis. How it ended up at the museum is beyond you think I have any proprietary rights over this?Did you know that asteroids and meteorites are made out of metals, mostly iron? I didn't either....this was the last bit of information my brain could hold today....after this display I was officially on Information Overload.
I thought Pluto lost its planet affiliation....maybe they changed their minds...or maybe (GASP!!) the museum is not up to date!! I want my money back!My kids willingly crawled into this Black Hole and I thought to myself "Yes, free at last!!". I was shocked when they came out. Talk about false advertising....geesh....another reason for a refund.I guess I can just blast them into space...unfortunately this rocket was bolted to the floor and I forgot to bring my socket wrench. Note to self: Always pack socket wrench in purse.I didn't know this either, did you? I wonder if we get to name the star we are made out of? Oh wait..are these the stars we can purchase and give as gifts? Commercialism is everywhere!More hands on we are in the solar system....I am standing near the sun warming my buns....did I mention it was cold outside?I guess Michael was cold too....he is warming his buns now and I have migrated down to Neptune.
We ended our day watching the Dinosaurs Alive movie on their awesome 3D planetarium type movie screen. It was an incredible show....and it was a perfect segue into our adventure for tomorrow.......Stay Tuned....

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