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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!! Hopefully everyone is ready...tonight Santa will visit, tomorrow the kids will be up at the crack of dawn, or before, excited to see what Santa brought. The Magic, the Mystery of the Season.

Two years ago my daughter seemed a bit melancholy on Christmas morning. She opened her presents, but her usual excitement seemed a bit subdued. I told my husband - "I think she figured it out this year, I think she knows that we are Santa." Sure enough, a few hours later she asked me - "Mommy, did you fill our stockings? Did you eat the cookies? Did you put out our Santa gifts? Mommy, are you Santa?"

The look in her eyes was heart breaking. She was beginning her journey into adulthood and leaving childhood behind. Everything she believed in was not how it should be. She didn't want to grow up...she wanted to believe still. She wanted so much for me to tell her that she was wrong. That Santa really did exist. What should I do? Should I tell her the truth? Should I deny her the Right of Passage? AHH...all these parenting decisions.....I don't remember this being in The Manual.

Here is how our conversation went:

"Honey, Santa represents the Magic of the Season. He represents all the good in people. He lives in your heart, he is the Spirit of the Season. If you believe in the Magic and the Spirit of Season, than Santa lives in your heart and you believe. I believe in Santa, I believe in the Magic, I believe in the goodness of people......and yes, I did fill your stockings, and eat the cookies, and buy and wrap your Santa Gifts...and I do believe in Santa."

She was quiet for minute....or two....and then she looked at me with her big green eyes and said - "I believe too Mommy....and I won't tell Michael, I promise!!" She started crossing the Bridge that day....the Bridge to Adulthood. God Bless Her.

Two years later.....she still gets excited on Christmas Eve. The Magic is still alive for her. She helps me shop for Michael's stocking stuffers, her's continue to remain a surprise to her. She still puts out cookies for Santa, carrots for the reindeer....I am not sure if it is for Michael's benefit, or for doesn't really matter...she is still on the bridge, she is not even half way across yet! God Bless Her.

Merry Christmas Everyone...I hope you have a wonderful and safe Holiday!


suchsimplepleasures said...

have a happy and healthy holiday!!!

Kaytabug said...

How sweet. We put out carrots too. I am still waiting for my oldest figure out that we do it all.
Looks like you had a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

i really love santa a lot and want to belive in him forever and ever.SANTA ROCKS!!!!!!!
btw thanks for the awesome gifts "SANTA"