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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekend Happenings

Busy, Busy weekend...but oh so much fun.

Friday night we had our annual gift exchange party with our Girl Scout troop. I think the moms had more fun than girls, but that is all that matters, right?? We played the game "Catch Phrase". I highly recommend it..we laughed so hard all night. Our girls are growing up so fast...our troop has been together since the girls were in kindergarten and they are now in 7th grade! I have made some wonderful friends with the fact we are so close, that one mom comes to our annual Christmas party even though her daughter stopped being a scout a couple of years ago!!

Saturday morning I went to Obedience School...and it didn't work! Just kidding, I took the puppy Baron to school. He is a typical "child" of mine...behaves beautifully at school and is a little shit at home. He did great all class until the end when he decided that he needed to urinate...every 2 minutes....all over the classroom. Now mind you, the class is held in a warehouse and the flooring is rubber mats. That means that I had to go get the paper towels and the Clorox Clean Up every 2 minutes to clean up his puddles. No other dog peed....nope...just mine. And, I thought I was so smart...we went to the dog park before class so he would poop and pee. I was sure I avoided this situation...well at least he didn't poop!!

Saturday night I cooked a big dinner for our very good friends...but unfortunately they were unable to make it. So we had a great dinner by candlelight, but unfortunately our dear son decided to have a big huge attitude so he got sent to his we were minus one family member but we were also minus a huge 'Tude...

Tonight my girl scout troop went carolling up at Tilden Park. It was beautiful as usual, the picture above was taken tonight. The girls did a great job.....but it was SOOO very crowded. Usually the girls ride the carousel after carolling and us moms go shopping, they have the most unique and beautiful ornaments up there every year. But because it was SOO crowded and so many ignorant people think it is a great place to take their dogs!!, we didn't spend too much time this year. Now, don't get me wrong about dogs.........I have two dogs and love them to death....but I think there is a time and place for dogs to come along...and going to a carousel with at least 100 children and their families, and lights, and noises, and screaming kids, and loud carousel music is just not a time nor a place for dogs.

Anyways...that was my weekend..if you cared...and if you made it this far...thank you from the bottom of my blogging heart!! I have 3 more days of teeth cleaning and then I am done with teeth for 2.5 weeks!! The kids have 5 more school days and they are done for 2 weeks!! We will make it.


Debra w said...

Sounds like you had a fun, but very busy weekend!

My girls are out of school on Friday, too. My oldest is home from college, but that always makes me very happy. It will be very nice to have some "alone" time with my biggest girl.

Have a good night!


Carrie Sue said...

Sounds like a very, very busy weekend.

I am tagging you to 7 facts about yourself... come on over to my blog.