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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mean Mommy University

According to my son I am the Meanest Mommy in the World!!! A title I relish!! "Why, yes I am my sweet little son. I went to the Mean Mommy University and graduated summa cum laude." I think he believes me...there really is a school for this because he is sure I could not have become this mean on my own.

"No, my son, you can not have your Advent calendar chocolate for breakfast."
"My son, please put that cap from the milk carton in the garbage. I know you think it is the next National Treasure but I am tired of finding all your little treasures in the washing machine."
"Yes, my son, I must be able to read your homework. There must be spaces between the words. I know you are practicing to be a doctor, but you must pass 2nd grade first."

I can go on and on, but you get the picture here. So, the other day as we were driving along our merry way....I totally pissed him off, yet again!! He proceeds to tell me "You are the Meanest Mommy!" I say...."Yeah, so, what's your point?" He delved deep into himself....he really wanted to prove a point...I really pissed him off this time....he was going to show me...
"I...I....I want to go back to South Carolina!" (note here - he is adopted, was born in South Carolina, his birthmother still lives there, he knows this!!)

Silence on his smug little face...he showed is my chance to repent my Mean Mommy ways, beg him for forgiveness, plead with him to stay with me, give him McDonalds every night for dinner, chocolate for breakfast. He was going to be Riding the Easy Train from here on out!!
I calmly replied - "Okay honey, when we get home we will call Laura and make arrangements for you to move back there." Silence again, this time not so smug....."Forget it", he says chagrined, "I will just stay here with you."

I guess having a Mean Mommy is not so bad after all!!
Isn't he a cute little guy!!


Megnificent said...

LOL He's precious! And already so clever!

Cynthia said...

I remember reading this and am filled with guilt that I did not post a comment.

You may slap me with a wet noodle!

Yipee. no confusing letters/numbers for me to type!!!

Jenni said...

Ha! My oldest has started that. "Just give me to someone else, mom. They'll love me."

It's amazing how quickly they learn reverse psychology. Of course, we know reverse-reverse!

Beccy said...

Lol, my daughter would claim that I also went to the 'Mean Mommy University'!

Kelli said...

Good for you for remaining calm. That comment would have hurt my feelings! What a cutie, he is lucky to have you!!

FUN-ky Mama said...

My 7 year old recently told me that I was a Mean Mommy. I told her that Mean Mommies rule, and Nice Mommies drool.
How mature am I? :P