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Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas....

We got our Christmas Tree today!! Come with us....we have a whole tradition we do every year......First we drive up through the most beautiful country in Northern California...the above picture is some of the vineyards we passed by today. On the way we play Christmas Carols and sing really loud. Sometimes we make up different words to the classics...sometimes we are serious...but ALL the time we laugh and enjoy ourselves....the farm we go to is about an hour away and we have to entertain ourselves somehow!!

Then we finally arrive at the tree farm...we grab an ax and a tree cart and then the kids get to fight over who will pull the cart.....I'm telling you..we don't want to break tradition..they HAVE to fight every year!! This year Michael won...

So, off we go searching for the perfect tree. Now as most of you know....every year we get the ultimate "Charlie Brown Tree". We certainly don't plan just happens. Why? you may ask, and we cannot honestly tell you. For some reason we are drawn to them...I am sure some in depth therapy will give us the answers, but until then we just accept the facts and move on. We continue on our journey, and true to form Cassie spots this poor little tree immediately...

Now to be perfectly honest with you, I was sort of drawn to this tree also...maybe it is the pinecones or the fact that it is surrounded by large, full, beautiful trees....some little tree voice called out "Pick me, Pick me". But....maybe my heart is hardening just a bit...I don't know....the fact is....I walked on by and said "We are not getting a Charlie Brown tree this year". Forget the fact that I say this every year...this year I meant business. Onward we trekked, through the forest, on a beautiful, cold, crisp, sunny California morning...we walked uphill, downhill, looking, searching, finding, changing our minds, searching again, uphill, downhill, get the picture. And then we see it....of course we saw it an hour ago when we first got there but who picks a tree in 5 minutes?? Certainly not for the sake of the story....We see it....the perfect tree. It was tall, it was full, it smelled divine, it was perfectly coiffed, perfectly was not a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!! Could we actually cut down and bring home a Non Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?

Isn't is gorgeous...look how green it is...can't you just smell it? This is it...we found our First Ever Non Charlie Brown Christmas Tree....Now it was time to make it ours...It was time for the Christmas Tree Dance! This is how we "dedicate" the tree before we cut it goes something like this..."Christmas Tree Dance Whoo, Christmas Tree Dance, Whoo" repeated while walking around the tree and on the "Whoo" we kick out a leg. Laugh if you must....but this is a very important ritual dance that must be undertaken before the tree is cut....and yes, the whole family participates...and yes, we have gotten some strange looks from others, and we just smile and wave!!! Here is a taste of "The Dance"..

Let the cutting begin!!

After much grunting and groaning....Dave, not the tree! The job is complete!

Then the kids get to fight again about who gets to carry it to the truck!! Oh boy...we are having fun now...the traditions are carrying on!! This time Cassie wins, but Daddy needs to help her.

Is that tree gorgeous or what?? The second half of our adventure then begins. We are off to the Apple Farm for lunch......and tasty treats....

....and then we are homeward bound. Let the decorating begin!
A little bit of lights, an assortment of ornaments, and a lot of love....and we have a Christmas Tree....and it is definitely NOT a Charlie Brown one. I think we broke one of our traditions this year!!! Isn't it gorgeous though??

We had a wonderful day!!! Thanks for coming on our adventure with us!!!


Willowtree said...

That sure is a good looking tree alright.

Anonymous said...

Alison, you truely give our home Christmas spirit. I love our annual tree cutting day. I am amazed that we didn't get a Charlie Brown tree this year!!
Have fun with your Blahhg.