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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Destination: Old Town Sacramento

We went on an adventure today.....wanna come along? Sure you do....let's go.....

First we boarded a train....Destination: Old Town Sacramento.
The train ride was fun! It wasn't too long which was a good thing since my oldest child (the one with the moustache) was getting a bit antsy and started bothering my youngest child (the one with the glasses). It went something like this - "Mommy, Daddy won't stop bothering me." "I am not bothering him. He is on my side and I am trying to move him." I was glad we were in Davis when this started....Sacramento was only 10 more minutes....thank goodness.
Off the train at last....and on to.....

First stop on our adventure was the....

At our first destination we saw lots of trains.

We also made a few friends. Our new friends were not very talkative. But that is OK. We didn't hold it against them.
We saw more trains.....this was a cool mail car from back in the day when everything was sent snail email in sight!! My kids don't believe that we didn't have computers or email when we were their age....sorry, I digress...back to our adventure.

Here are some more friends. I think these were Cassie's favorite friends of the day. In fact, we didn't care at all that she was surrounded by these scantily clad young men. These are the perfect first dates for her....she can even take the whole board, I mean hoard of them on her first date. I am sure they will be perfect gentlemen.

Even Dave found a friend....this friend even talked back. Dave was learning all about trains and their engines and wheels and how the hydraulic lines were connected to knee bones, and the knee bones were connected to the couplers...or something like that. He was so engrossed in the stimulating conversation that we left him with his new friend and went upstairs.Before we went upstairs we met another friend. I don't think this is such a good friend though....those are his wives over there....I grabbed Cassie out of there right quick before she became wife number 5....close call. So upstairs we went and guess what we saw....Yep, you guessed it....more trains. These were cool toy trains though. More hands on for the kids.
Here is the view from upstairs....more trains and another friend. This guy reminded me of the Ghost Hobo from the Polar Express movie.
Look at what else I found looking down from upstairs...Dave and his new friend...and look...they have another friend. Must be a very interesting conversation. At this point Dave and been bonding with his new friend for about 30 minutes. I think they are BFF's by now.
Well, I had to break up the BFF's because I was getting pretty hungry. I had seen about all the trains I could handle. I filled up my address book with all my new contacts....Dave and his BFF hugged and parted and we were off for our new destination....
Fat City for lunch.
Lunch was very good....but pretty ordinary and boring compared to our next destination.....
The Candy Store. favorite...Salt Water Taffy. You get to grab a bucket and fill it up with as much as you can even sample before you buy. Can you say HEAVEN?? Look at all the choices..
Or how about some of this?
Yummy....Yummy. We filled up our buckets and grabbed our goods and we are off to our new destination.....
A horse drawn carriage ride....

This is Sunny and his illustrious owner/driver. Sunny took us on a brisk trot through Old Town Sacramento.
It was cold and crip outside, but we were warm and snug in the carriage with blankets around our legs, munching on candy. What a perfect way to end our day.
After our carriage ride we had to leave Old Sac....back to the train station we went....
....for our train ride home....

....munching on candy...talking about our adventure. I even got a short nap on the way home.
A Perfect Day.
We take this trip every year during the holidays....every year it gets better. Thanks for coming with us today.


Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee. I love that hubby mad a BFF. And glad you pulled Cassie away from the iffy old bloke.

And that sweet shop looks amazing. Yum.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hmmm, that would be 'made'. :D

suchsimplepleasures said...

there is so much to do, out in californina. even to just take a day trip. it's awesome!!!
loved the pics!! so much fun to look at. your kids are adorable!

Mishi the Secret Agent Mama said...

That trip is just the best! I would so love to go!! Thanks for sharing. :D