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Friday, February 1, 2008

Scrolling Saturday

Another lazy weekend...perfect for Scrolling Saturday, the brainchild of Melissa and Coleen....a day not to think but to post a post from back yonder, back in time when my visitors were few! So here it is....another archive, from, oh about, 2 weeks ago!!

This post is about my daughter....the daughter we adopted in Our Journey I just finished writing.

Here is the post copied and pasted:

My Daughter's Flame - Dec. 9, 2007

I am not a shopper....I only go if I have to and I have to totally be "In the Mood" to go. Today I went shopping....for 5 hours!! And I had a wonderful time. I went with my daughter...the beautiful girl you see in the picture above...falling asleep doing homework.She is 12 years old, this beautiful daughter of mine. She is sweet, funny, positive, she has a beautiful shines. She is nothing like me at all!! Just Kidding!! I am not as nice as she is though! She sees only the good in people and would never intentionally hurt another human being, even when they are hurting her.

She is in 7th grade this year....the dreaded middle school years. I hate it. I hate the way the girls treat each other. I hate the way she gets her feelings hurt. I hate watching it, and I really hate that I can't do anything about it!! I feel so powerless. The only thing I can do is listen to her and love her. She is a wonderful kid and has so much to offer this world. One day her star is going to shine, and it will be so bright and lovely. Right now is it shining, but it is usually kept at bay, kept dim.

Today it shone, and how lovely it was!! A bright spark, a small vision of her potential, her future. We went into the crazy holiday shoppers, the crowds, the rudeness, the chaos. She saw only the good...the cute little girl learning how to walk, the beautiful pregnant woman eagerly anticipating her baby's birth, the wonderful holiday decorations, the scents of the seasons, the music, the joy, the peace. She saw all this today and helped me to see also. I saw the traffic jam, she pointed out the beautiful pregnant woman. I saw the huge checkout line, she laughed with toddler in the cute pink dress. I saw the mess on the floor, she was smelling the candles. She gave me a gift today and she wasn't even aware of it.

This is my daughter....the baby we prayed for, for years. The baby we adopted the day she was born. The sweet girl child who lit up our lives. She is becoming a woman, a woman I am proud to call my daughter. Her peers may try to dim her flame, she won't allow it. It is still burning and every day it gets brighter. She will become a wonderful woman one day and she will change the world....she has already changed mine.

Now, go visit the other Scrolling Saturday players..there are some gems out there!!


TheVasquez3 said...

popped in from scrolling saturday and wow i am glad i did! this was a truly lovely post!

my life has been blessed by a daughter who brightens my world every single day. my husband brought her with him into our marriage and i KNOW with all my heart that she was born to be mine. we are a match made in heaven, of this i am sure.

i am adding you to my blog roll so i can come back and soak up more of your bloggy goodness!

Beccy said...

Your daughter sounds like a beautiful, kind girl, which must be reflective of your great parenting.

Tara R. said...

A beautiful story... your daughter sounds like a wonderful young lady.

Kelly said...

So Beautiful!

And, it's not too late to participate in the challenge. Go for it.

laurie said...

i am so happy for you. and for her.

Kathryn said...

What an absolutely precious post! What a beautiful and sweet girl. And lucky to have a mommy who really sees her. Gorgeous!

Jeni said...

Great post. It's amazing, isn't it, what children see that we miss. Isn't it great though when we realize they opened our eyes.

secret agent mama said...

You're both so equally lucky!

Laura said...

What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing it! It sounds like you have a wonderful daughter!

Alix said...

That story brightened up my morning. We should all try and be more like your daughter - she sounds wonderful.

ChrisB said...

I remember reading this post before and thinking how lucky you were to have such a lovely daughter. Not sure I actually conveyed this at the time!

suchsimplepleasures said...

what a beautiful post!!! i have a middle school daughter, too. and, the girls...they are so so mean!! worse than when i was an earlier age!! it's so horrible to hear the stories!
thanks for reposting that! loved it!

Melissa said...

Your daughter sounds like a lovely girl and I agree the middle school years are so hard but she sounds like she has her head on her shoulders and will shine no matter what!! WTG Mom! Happy SS!

Irene Latham said...

Hi Alison-- taking a breather while MY 7th grader watches the 2 year old and the baby is sleeping! I have that same sense you do, that I am seeing glimpses of the man he is becoming... makes me proud and also makes me miss the little him! Middle school has been a challenge, but like your daughter, I think Daniel's gonna come out of it just fine. Happy day to you! xxoo

forgetfulone said...

I have 6th graders, a 9th grader, and one in college. What a lucky woman you are to have a daughter who sees the good in people and situations!

lisa marie said...

I'm so glad you repeated this post. It was a great read and I wasn't reading you then so it was new to me. :)

Chrys said...

This was beautiful! Your daughter is so sweet and that comes from good parents! I love this post! Love it!