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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cassie Through the Years

Our Adoption Journey Epilogue can be found here

Our beautiful baby daughter growing into a beautiful young woman....

In this photo she is 3 months old.

She is 1 year old here....sorry for the poor picture!!

She is 2 years old here and the apple of her Dental Hygienist Mom's eye!!

Sweet baby face...she is 3 years old here and that black blob on her lap is Zack as a puppy!!
4 years old with Zack on the left and our beloved Koni on the right.

Five years old and ready for her birthday party!!

Six years old and just finished her first year as a Girl Scout!!

Seven years old and more candles!!

Eight years older and getting cuter by the day!!

Nine years old and changing fast!

Ten years old with Bessie, her favorite cat!!

Eleven years old...I love this picture. She looks so wholesome and healthy!!

Twelve years old and getting ready to take on the world!!

She will be 13 years old in May....where have the years gone....where are they going??

Thank you for following this Journey with me. All your lovely and heartfelt comments meant so much to me. This experience has been wonderfully calming and cleansing for me. My husband has enjoyed reading and reliving Our Journey as much as I have enjoyed writing and reliving it. I am now anxious to begin the telling of our second Adoption was a completely different experience, yet similar in alot of ways.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart....your love, hugs, tears, and kind words have meant so much!


TheVasquez3 said...

this is such a beautful post. i am going to have to make time to go back and poke through your blog some. looks like i have some catching up to do.

laurie said...

wow! how fun to watch her grow up like that!

she is gorgeous and healthy and happy and clearly loves you and you are all so very very lucky.

and the nicest thing? you know you are. that keeps it fresh every day.

i'm happy for all of you.

Kathryn said...

She is gorgeous! Great photos!

Alix said...

Cassie is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing her story with us I'm looking forward to reading your about your next journey.

Cynthia said...

I stayed home from church this morning because of a migraine. And now I am crying. I will NEVER get rid of this headache!

It is worth it though. Great story and great pics!

Jan said...

Great story and pic's. Hold on tight for 13-17. Hold on tight.

Irene Latham said...

What a beautiful girl! And so so lucky she got you for a mom. This will be a treasure for her for the rest of her life. I honor your experience. xxoo

Grandma said...

Loved reading this Alison. I didn't know you had so much writing talent. If everyone enjoyed this story, the second adoption story will leave them on pins and needles waiting for each episode!
What people don't know is that A. somewhat resembles you therefore Cassie looks like she could be your biological daughter.

Debra w said...


After looking at these pictures, my heart feels so full! Your daughter has the smile of a very well loved and well nurtured child. This has EVERYTHING to do with how you and your husband have brought her up, so far. You are doing such an amazing job of parenting, and that is probably why A kept her distance throughout the years. She trusted you, implicitly, and did not want to interfere in any way. She made her presence known, but remained on the outskirts, allowing you and your husband to be Cassie's REAL parents.

Beautiful story! I wish that I could give you a big hug right now.

Hugs, and love,

mama speak said...

Great story & love the follow up w/the pix (exactly what I'd hoped you'd do.) She's beautiful (but you know that). You and A are such stong, powerful role models for Cassie. She's lucky not just to have your love, but your examples of what love is/can be as well.


suchsimplepleasures said...

the epilogue was wonderful! and your daughter...she's gorgeous!!!

Heather said...

Cassie looks like a beautiful young girl. She is lucky to have you, and you her.

bermudabluez said...

Your posts about this journey have just been beautiful. Thank you for sharing this terrific story. And buckle your seatbelt for the tween years comin' up....they are so very hard. Middle School was particularly for my daughter. Great pics!

Laura McIntyre said...

I have to thank you for sharing, i had no idea adoption could be so wonderful and your daughter is just beautiful.

Beccy said...

How great to see the pictures of Cassie having avidly followed your story from the beginning.

eclecticblog said...

What a great story...what a beautiful daughter...

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh that was wonderful. And she is so lovely. You are all so amazing and I'm so happy that you met each other. I went to see Juno last night and it made me think of that, reading your final chapters in Cassie's adoption story. Big sighhhh.

Andrya said...

I wonder if she'll ever realize just how beautiful she is. ...And of couse she looks wholesome and healthy... that's what she is!
Did I mention that I love you all!!! THIIIIIIIIIIS Much!!! :D

Anonymous said...

There is a commercial that plays on our radio station occasionally - it is a birth mother talking about putting her baby up for adoption - it ends as she says "I didn't give my baby up - I gave him more."

Isn't that so true! My husband's cousin was put up for adoption when he was 6 months old. All of his life he had a hole in his heart that could only be filled by knowing who his mother was and why she gave him up. He was over 50 years old and his adoptive parents had passed away. His wife helped him search for and find his birth mother. He met her and his siblings and the whole in his heart was filled. He knew where he came from.

I think an open adoption would have been so good for him, because he would have known every day how much his mother loved him, but as with you, Alison, they didn't do that back then, but there are some great internet searches to help people who want to find each other.