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Friday, February 1, 2008

And The Winner Is....

What a wonderful week....full of Random Acts of Kindness...There is definitely more smiles in the world this week!!

How to choose??? There are so many wonderful ones...If you need a smile today, I suggest you read the comments on this post.

So...back to choosing....I had a hard time, so I thought to myself...

"Self, let's choose at random - Random Acts of Kindness - Random winner" - Makes sense.

So I enlisted the help of my darling daughter and we put all the Acts in a hat in order to make a random choice. But....on the way to darling daughter read each and every one. One of them pulled at her heart strings and then yanked them real good....and she said to me - "Mommy, we have to choose this one".

So....we did...and the winner of these gorgeous earrings is...

Drum roll...

Swampy!!! and here is her Random Act of Kindness:

Random act of kindness 'performed' by theHansMan. One of our friend's 13 year-old son has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. He's been undergoing chemo since October. It has spread to other parts of his body.Yesterday, theHansMan arranged for him to go to the airport while a Hornet was refueling. The Top Gun pilot let him sit in the cockpit and then did a great 'departure' for him.We then took him and his family for lunch.It was the first time he had been out in quite a while. The smile on his face was priceless. The tears in his mother's eyes broke my heart.

So..wipe your tears now!! Technically the HansMan performed this wonderful Swampy, he actually gets the earrings and we want to see pictures of him wearing them!! may borrow them if you want!!

Email me your address and your earrings will be on the way!!

Thank you everyone for participating in the are wonderfully kind souls!!

I will be having another contest next month...stay tuned...the prizes will be something very yummy....(hint: I am a Girl Scout Leader!!)


Heather said...

Yeah! Congrats Swampy!

swampy said...

Thank you. I know theHansMan will look just ravishing in the earrings.
Here is an update on our little friend, Jordan.
He underwent surgery today in Denver to remove a tumor that had just recently appeared on his neck.
(He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in October.)
The procedure was to last from 8:00to 3:00. His mom sent a text at 1:30 that Jordan was out of surgery, in recovery, breathing on his own. They were successful in removing all of the tumor.
I know that because of my comment the other day, many of you sent prayers and good wishes his way.
Thank You.
I will give the earrings to his mom. She needs a little pick-me-up these days.

swampy said...


And tell your darling daughter, THANK YOU...and that I'm not really a witch !

Alison said...

Wonderful news on Jordan!!

You are a wonderful good witch Swampy!! My daughter thinks it is "cool" that you are a witch!!

Pressie on the way...

Megnificent said...

Aww, great winner! Good job, Swampy!

FUN-ky Mama said...

I think the Hansman totally deserved to win, and I hope he rocks the earrings.