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Friday, February 1, 2008

A Contest!!!!

This is a sticky post, newer posts below
Last Chance, winner announced later today

It is time for another contest!! The prize this time is two lovely pairs of earrings. Now don't run away and hide men...these would make lovely Valentine's Day gifts for your sweetheart...or you can wear them yourself, if you so choose...I don't judge....I live in California, remember!!

Anyways...back to the contest and prize. These earring are handmade by a very dear friend of mine. She is very talented, in my humble opinion. Hopefully she will get set up on Etsy or ebay just can be the first to own a McCall original! You can be the envy of all your friends.
This fine pair is made with gold and venetian glass beads. It has a lovely amber colored heart with a drop amber colored bead. They are very lovely and dainty and give just a little bounce when they move. They are very romantic and feminine.
This lovely pair is a bit more on the funky side. It is silver with black and lime green beads, with just the touch of white. The beads are very chunky and sassy...more for your adventurous side.

So, how can you win these lovely earrings? As most of you know, I had a rough week last week. For whatever reason, it is not important, it is just the way it is sometimes. I do know that I can break these darker moments up by doing a random act of will get me out of myself and my darkness and I will feel better immediately. It can be as simple as letting someone go before you in the grocery store when you cart is full and they only have a couple items. Have you ever seen someone's face light up when you do that? I can not stay crabby. I instantly feel lighter and happier.

So, this week, I challenge you to perform a random act of can be to a family member or to a complete stranger. Post a comment here and let us know what you did. The contest starts today and will end on Friday, February 1st. At that time I will choose a winner.....

Have fun, and have a great week!!


laurie said...

what a great idea, alison. and i already know which pair i plan to win....

swampy said...

Random act of kindness 'performed' by theHansMan.
One of our friend's 13 year-old son has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. He's been undergoing chemo since October. It has spread to other parts of his body.
Yesterday, theHansMan arranged for him to go to the airport while a Hornet was refueling. The Top Gun pilot let him sit in the cockpit and then did a great 'departure' for him.
We then took him and his family for lunch.
It was the first time he had been out in quite a while. The smile on his face was priceless. The tears in his mother's eyes broke my heart.

Alison said...

Laurie - the winner gets both pairs!!!
Swampy - that brought tears to my eyes...a truly beautiful random act of kindness!! thanks for sharing!

Megnificent said...

Alison, what a great contest!! I'll do an act or two of kindness this week and get back to ya.

PS: I tagged you. Sorry. Head on over to my place for your obligations. ;)

Cynthia said...

What a great idea. Since I have twin daughters turning 14 soon, I need to do something really great so I can win those earrings!

Irene Latham said...

I am all for random acts of kindness! Here's a little something I found that might be interesting to YOU:
Call for Submissions: Adoptive Families

Submission deadline: June 15, 2008. The primary purpose of this book is to celebrate adoptive families and to recognize the extraordinary and challenging experiences that are unique to "chosen children" and their families. We are most interested in stories written by adult adoptive children and their adoptive parents and siblings, but the book will also likely include some stories written by members of the extended adoptive family (grandparent, aunt/uncle, cousin), close friends of the adoptive family (i.e. godparent), and birth family members. Virtually any topic relevant to adopted children and their adoptive parents is acceptable-as long as it is authentic, positive, insightful, and uplifting or inspiring. We do not want heartbreaking stories about adoptive parents or birth families that regret the adoption; there is a place for stories of that ilk, but this book is not that place. All of the stories in this collection must show a positive aspect of adoption and must bring comfort or joy or inspiration to those who have been adopted and/or to the families who adopted them-no matter how difficult the experience and emotions portrayed in the story might be. $500 grand prize; $100 each, all other published stories; plus copy of book. See Web site for more information.


Colleen Sell
Cup of Comfort

Adams Media
57 Littlefield Street
Avon, MA 02322

Beckie said...

My family went over to our down the street neighbors that are in their 70's yesterday afternoon and shoveled the 7 inches of snow from their sidewalks and driveway. It was a fun thing to do and they appreciated it!

Sandy said...

If Swampy will post pictures of the Hansman wearing the earrings, I vote you just give them to her. She makes me cry all the blessed time...and I do mean blessed.

I hope your week is easier.

nikki said...

I have an Everyday Kindness page where I update people on my acts of kindness. My goal is to do at least on act of kindness everyday for 2008.

(does your friend do the lampwork beads herself?)

Jettie said...

Well Last week i took a beautiful coffee cup filled with pink roses to our neighbor...Becuse ..
She had to put her husband in a home and it has been very hard on her!! it is the same lady that brings us a full meal every year at chiristma(i posted about it) And the home we bought here and live is her husbands birth place. They are very dear to us and wonderful neighbors!!

Bobbie said...

I sent a card to a card making friend that fell and broke her leg. I am a Chemo Angel and do many RAK every week.
Angel Hugs...Chemo angel bobbie

Debra w said...


What a great idea. You have such an incredible heart.


sherjen2 said...

Tommy and I went to a homeless shelter in Manchester NH a week ago. He went to the AA meeting as a support to the team. I went along also. I actually talked at the meeting. While we were there, instead of dropping the normal dollar into the plate, I quietly put in 20 to allow them to continue with their coffee and cookies at the next meeting.
After that meeting, I came home and went through all my coats and took them down to the local salvation army store. It has been zero and below zero out here and I certainly didn't need any extra coats around.
Love you

suchsimplepleasures said...

oh...those are beautiful!! and...i actually have a random act of kindness performed by yours truly...only, i thought it was just politeness but, i made the cutest old mans day..
anyway...i was at dunkin donuts with my son. it was freezing, much as it has is winter, y'know. i was in a hurry to get into my car but, this little old man was getting out of his. his passenger side was at my drivers side. so, i waited for him to get out before i got into my car. common courtesy, i thought. age before beauty...
anyway...after i got into my car, he rapped on my window. i opened it and he smiled sooo warmly at me. he said..."thank you for being so patient for this old man to get out of his car!" he smiled again and shuffled off to get his coffee and donuts.
what i automatically would do, i guess isn't the norm. although, it should be! i just didn't think about it...i let the adorable little guy out of his car...
i'm NOT patting myself on the back,'s all on my parents and how they raised me!!
so, i guess that is my random act of kindness...

FUN-ky Mama said...

I love this contest, and I love RAKs. The comments are inspirational! My most recent RAK was just a very small one....I left a handful of quarters in the change machine at the laundromat.

Megnificent said...

My daughter is a girl scout and I am a troop leader. As you know, she attends a small private schools where the teachers basically volunteer their time, for VERY little pay. Yesterday afternoon, she and I donated a case of Thanks-A-Lot girl scout cookies to her school. We put them in the teacher lounge so that they can all enjoy them!

Heather said...

My husband and I were at a Silent Auction on Saturday to raise money for my children's school. There was an autographed picture of Bob Feller. Since basically no one knew Feller at the party we felt obligated to put it into the hands of someone who would appreciate it. The first person who came to mind was my college roommate's parents. They were just great to us when we were in school. We lived in Cleveland for five years after graduating and their hospitality extended beyond college. They gave us tickets to Indians games and Browns games. They paid for me to fly to Cleveland after I moved to Chicago for my old roommate's bridal shower. They are just wonderful people. So, we bid on the Feller picture and have sent it to my old roommate's mom and dad. They are HUGE Indians fans and will appreciate it more than most people I know. Just a little thing to let them know we noticed all those great things they did for us.

Megnificent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Megnificent said...

Girl, I felt a little overwhelmed and like I was bitching too much. LOL An update for you~ in addition to all of that Monday homework as well as the revised stuff, she also had a History test on Tuesday and she didn't tell me about that EITHER! :( She is fibbing in order to avoid being swamped with homework.
No homework last night as it was church night and they don't ever give homework on that night. I'll keep you informed, tho.
Thanks for asking. :)