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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!

I've been tagged by Kim over at Rainy Day Diamonds. If you have not visited Kim yet, I highly recommend it, especially if you have school age children. She is an incredible teacher...I wish we had more like her....her students are very lucky to have her. She also has some adorable dogs...if you like boxers go and peek at her cutie patooties!!! are the rules....

Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes we hope it will be a long list! Cut and paste the entire list in your blog, links follow automatically.
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Linky Love Tag
The Strategist NotebookLink AddictionArdor of the HeartWhen Life Becomes a BookThe Malaysian LifeYogatta.comWhat goes under the sunRoshidan’s Cyber StationSasha saysArts of PhysicsAnd the legend livesMy View, My LifeA Simple LifeJuliana RWMom Knows EverythingBeth & Cory’s MomA Mind Forever Voyagingenjoying the rideJennifer’s thoughtsMom of 3 GirlsAmandaDon’t Make Me Get The Flying MonkeysExPat MomJust JessieWilson SixKristinNuttier Than YouShonnteSummer’s NookLaura Williams MusingsMelissa’s Idea GardenEve at Confessions of an Everyday HousewifeChristiS of the Blah Blah BlogStephanie at Stop the Ride!Diane at Soap, Blings & Girly ThingsAmanda at Amanda:Mama’s MusingsKristin at An Ordinary LifeMama Zen at The Zen of MotherhoodAtomik KittenThe Sassy SouthernerA Room of Mama’s OwnExploring AutumnImmoral Matriarch: CatechizerReal LifeBoogiemumLiving and loving every minute of itHuckdollThe Daily RhythmThe Rocky Mountain RetreatPeace is Every StepLife According to LizzyFollowing ForwardBoys Rule My LifeA Quest for RelevanceNot Trying for a BoyThe GaspardsOrryally’s journalMy Life with BoysThe Truest ThingThe Potter’s HandPermission to PeruseLive Laugh BlogPianomomsicleHeather’s Hot MessKevin and PaulaSmatterdayGuidance for VictorySports Momma
Pensieve (<--my personal favorite :) ) The Home Team WinsSisters of a Different OrderChased by ChildrenA Frog in My Soup
Alex, The Roaming SouthernerJeanie, Musings From Left FieldPeculiar, How Do We Get There From Here?Tracey, Just Another Mommy BlogKim, Rainy Day Diamonds
Meg, Megnificent, Just Megnificent
Sandy, Myanderings
Nan, Life is Like a Lunchbox
Alison, RDH Mom
Kim, Mother of a Toddler

Linky love all around!!! If you are reading this you have strict instructions to copy the above list and add your name to the bottom...go now and spread the linky love!!!!


suchsimplepleasures said...

wanna hear how pathetic i am? well, i'll tell you...i was tagged with this, a couple of times...and had to decline because i couldn't figure it out!! it's ok to feel sorry for me now!!

Kaytabug said...

To answer the question you asked on my blog, Yes my hubby did that for me a few years back. I meant to put it up Valentines week, but I forgot! :(

Better late than never!

Kim said...

Thanks for the sweet words!

I missed my kiddos today 'cause I had to take a day to help my mom with some important business. I'm dying to know how their day went. It's the first day I've missed this school year. I must get a life! : )

Cynthia said...

I will do this, but I don't understand.


Virus linking?

I think these are things my husband frowns about. Nd I know I am strictly forbidden from touching any smiley icon, no matter how cute.

So what am I doing when I copy and paste this?