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Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday Funny

A father asked his 10-year old son if he knew about the birds and the bees.

'I don't want to know,' the child said, bursting into tears. 'Promise me you won't tell me.'

Confused, the father asked what was wrong.

The boy sobbed, 'When I was six, I got the "There's no Easter Bunny'speech.

At seven, I got the "There's no Tooth Fairy' Speech.

When I was eight, you hit me with the "There's no Santa' speech.

If you're going to tell me that grown-ups don't really get laid, I'll have nothing left to live for.'

Have a wonderful and safe Friday...and if you live in the states.....have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!!!


Mamarazzi said...


Happy 4th!

storyteller said...

Thanks for the chuckles. I may need to use this as a link in my Smiley Saturday post tomorrow and share with others. ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Jan said...

Too Funny. I'm saving this one.

karisma said...

WHAT? You are supposed to give those speeches??? And here I was thinking that as long as I keep believing, they will keep coming!

I don't care! I do believe in fairies!

Stella said...

Too funny!

Hope you had a GREAT 4th!

ChrisB said...

That made me laugh.
I have read all your back posts and it looks like you had a fun time on your forest vacation.

I felt really sad for Cassie when I read about the 'so-called' friend stealing from her. The girl's mother also seems pretty irresponsible and rude not to get back to you. Even if she could find no proof it would be courtesy to say so!

ChrisB said...

BTW I've tagged you but you don't need to feel obliged to do it!

lisaschaos said...

Oh no, that's too bad!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

bwahahaha. Loved it.