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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ad Free.....kind of like Born Free

Did you notice anything missing on the sidebar over there? I took off the ads a few weeks ago...I am now ad free. When I started blogging I thought this would be a fun way to make some extra money. It seemed simple enough and some women were getting pretty wealthy from blogging. I thought if they could do could I!!

As time went on I noticed a change in my blogging habits. If a blog was full of ads, I tended not to read it. If a blogger wrote a paid post, I tended not to read it and usually would not visit said blogs again. I realized that I was being a hypocrite because I had ads on my site. The ads had to go, and I don't miss them, not one bit.

I have found a community of friends through this blog. I write from my heart, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's poignant, sometimes it's sad. My friends leave me comments and that is the best payment I have found. The monetary payments from ads meant nothing, the comments from friends mean the world to me.

I have never been a person to idolize a celebrity. Their lives mean nothing to me. I can't justify idolizing a blogger who is making their living blogging. I am happy for them, mind you. I think it is wonderful they have turned what they love doing into a profitable business, but I cannot idolize them. I do have respect for my friends. I respect the bloggers who write candidly about their struggles being a mom. I respect the bloggers who make me laugh, who take a mundane daily experience and turn it into a comedy routine. These are the bloggers I would love to have a cup of coffee with, have an IRL conversation with.

These are the blogs who have maintained their sense of innocence and honesty. They write what they feel, not what the masses dictate. These are the blogs I visit regularly and they are the ones who visit me and leave me comments. They are my friends.....and yes....bloggy buddies are real friends!!


lisaschaos said...

I totally understand and feel the same way. Ads on the sidebar don't bother me, I just ignore them. But paid posts I skip, and if a blogger does only paid posts I stop reading.

Hubby doesn't get it, he wants me to have ads but I have found a friendship and kinship through blogging that helps me be a better person and a LOT less clingy to him. In fact I cling too little for his taste. :) But for me blogging is perfect. :)

Stella said...

I have the ads and I make ZERO money off them! :)
I should just remove them but I'm hoping some day to get some magic check from them! HAH!

Jan said...

I'm with you. I've never tried ads, not because I'm rich enough, (not rich at all), but because I find most of them obnoxious. I've also stopped reading the bloggers that are so full of themselves, they never visit around, let alone leave comments.

Grand Life said...

I'm just getting around to responding to Fun Monday comments. I've decided after reading other's posts that my depth is pretty shallow--come'on a movie star. Others said Peace Corp, Math Teachers, yours was great. Everyone seemed to be on tract-- Great subject and fun post. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

That was a lovely post and I completely agree. Friends I have made in the blog world have been so wonderful and supportive and it's great to know they are out there.

Mother Goose said...

Ok, I have dubbed myself as old faithful commenting queen. Seriously, when I find a blog and you hit my blog roll, I am always there commenting on every post. It's me, that's how I roll.

I started blogging as a journal for myself. So, I could remember and prove to my kids that we do have fun and they do like their family. I just recently have been wondering how I could have my blog make money. I do not understand the adds, and I didn't like seeing them on my blog.
How do you know if someone has a paid post? If I could get some free trials I would gladly do it. But, I guess I just gave MONKEY BUTT a bunch of free advertising. Oh well, we use the product, might as well share the love.

I really enjoy your posts they are always from the heart.

Mamarazzi said...

i totally agree. i skim the blogs who write advertisments via reader and only ever pop in to comment IF they have written something that REALLY catches my attention in reader. it's more a time thing for me. i have so many blogs that i love to read and could easily spend HOURS infront of my computer soaking up their bloggy goodness!

summer has totally messed up my reading...i am almost looking forward to school starting and working again...the blogs are such a great break in my day of writing and writing and writing.

Anonymous said...

I never notice the ads unless they pop up in the middle of what I'm trying to see. Those just make me irritated, not interested.

As for the money - really, the only riches are family and friends :) In those you are quite wealthy!

Karen in SC

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I have no ads... but I have wordpress and I have always wondered if ads pop up to the readers that I am unaware of.

ChrisB said...

Well said, for me one of the problems with ads is the precious time it takes loading before I get to the post.

karisma said...

here here! Im with Chris, I hate the way it takes forever to load a blog with ads! I generally won't wait and don't bother to read them. I have never heard of paid posts before!

Reading Jans comment, I must admit that I will quite often read a post and not comment. It simply that there is not enough time. I do try to visit all on the fun Monday list but sometimes there are far too many and I visit my friends first. It would be lovely to spend more time reading and visiting but you know that would be unfair to my family who would be sorely neglected.

storyteller said...

I’m behind and doing my best to catch up. I loved the photos of your dog and the ‘new tricks’ … and stopped here to acknowledge the truth of your ‘ad free’ words. I’ve pretty much ignored ads of all kinds throughout my life on TV, radio, in magazines, billboards, etc … and blogs are no exception. The annoying thing about some blogs is that there’s no way to avoid clicking on ads as I navigate to read posts and when that happens to me I make it a point not to visit that blog again. Your ads didn’t ‘bother’ me, but I do share your belief that the best parts of blogging are the ‘connections’ we make out there in this ‘virtual’ world ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Irene Latham said...

The most important things in life are so NOT about monetary gain. What you are doing here is worth far far more than that. I appreciate you.

Heather said...

They didn't bother me at all, but I do love coming here regularly and reading about your life. I do feel like I know you despite never meeting. thanks for sharing part of yourself with all of us.

Pamela said...

clap clap clap clap clap.

(I'm with you. I ignore the ads -- and read and relish the posts)