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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fun Monday

We are hosting Fun Monday this week....actually Cassie is hosting.....and here she is.....

My assignment this week was to see inside your closet, without your organizing it before the picture!! Here are some pictures of my closet.

I told you that yours could not be messier than mine.
That is just how teenagers are..messy rooms and messy closets.

Yep, I am the Queen of Messy Closets!! Now, let's see if any has a messier closet than me. Here are the other brave participants for this week:

1. Sandy

2. BS

3. Heather

4. Jan

5. Bermudabluez

6. Chris B

7. Angela

8. Cynthia

9. Hula Girl

10. Sayre

11. Bee Dancer

12. Narice - new to Fun Monday!!

13. Big Momma

14. Herb of Grace - new to Fun Monday!!

15. Faye

16. Olive

17. Jessie

18. Hootin' Anni

19. Lil Mouse

20. SwampAngel - unfortunately her camera died.....

21. Janet

22. Gattina

23. Mommy Wizdom - our host for next week!!

24. Grace

25. Sauntering Soul

26. iPost

27. Tiggerlane

28. Karisma

29. Tanya

30. Judy

31. Melanie

I hope I didn't forget anyone...please let me know if I did. Cassie will be by to visit everyone when she comes home from school!!

I am having a Give Away....see here!!


Gattina said...

It doesn't look messy !!! I have seen worse in my life to start with my own wardrobe, lol !

karisma said...

I beg to differ! I don't think you are even the Princess of messy cupboards my dear! My teenagers could certainly give you a run for your money! And My cupboard at the moment is beyond redemption, hence the reason I would not show it to you! Its all off to goodwill I tell you!

If you think that is a mess, you can come live with me any day!

Thanks for hosting this week, you did a brilliant job!

Heather said...

Maybe you just need a bigger closet! I'm sure that's the problem! My closets got much neater the bigger the closet got. Just make sure each place you move into has a bigger closet than the last!

Thanks for hosting.

melanie said...

I'm really late joining this week- but please add me to the list!

Our Happy Happenings-

And I think that your closet looks great. Not all that messy. In fact I'm an adult and I'm pretty sure my closet is messier than yours!

Tiggerlane said...

You have a great closet! Now, if I had taken a photo of my teenager's would have proven that I live with a slob!

Faye said...

Cassie, I love your beaded "curtains". So much more fun than a door. Wish I were in the know enough to recognize who's on your posters. You're the hostess with the mostest--hope you'll do the job again.

BTW, my LATE FM post is finally up!

Kalyn said...

HI! :) I found you through Shamlessly Sassy (blog hopping) and I decided to take part in your Monday Funday! Go take a look at my closet! :)

Thanks for some fun! I'll be back next Mon. too!

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Lol!! Mine was worse than that when I was your age Cassie! It hasn't really improved that much as I've gotten older either!

Jan said...

Yours looks good. Are you sure you didn't straighten just a wee bit? Thanks for hosting, and for the great thank you note you sent.

Sayre said...

When I was a teen, you couldn't even OPEN the door. And here you are with beads instead of a door. In fact, it doesn't take much to dethrone you if you think you're Queen of the Messy Closet!

Slick said...

Trisha hogs our closet so I don't really know if it's messier or not!

grace said...

I think mine is messier than yours, thanks for hosting, fun fun Monday

Sandy said...

Great job hosting, Cassie, and your closet looks pretty normal to me...but I AM a

DysFUNctional Mom said...

We're moving, so I can't post a closet pic right now. But Cassie, I love your beads!

Stella said...

I have to say that my closet at your age rivaled that!! It was TERRIBLE!! Now it's not as bad but still...not great!!

Anonymous said...

That closet looks fine to me, ours is much messier, especially T's side!

NariceatL4 said...

I just realized that I haven't left a comment on your closet yet! (And I so enjoyed the assignment-- even though my sewing/craft closet is a supreme embarrassment!)
My closet has the same organizer boxes on the top shelves as yours does... you just can't see them in my photo... (It wouldn't have made anyone think I was any kind of organized anyway!)
Thanks for fun Monday and hosting!!

Jennifer said...

Looks like my closet, except for the cute pink beads!!!

Mother Goose said...

ok, that is messy?? ::slinks in corner:: yeah, that's messy. LOL
i'm public again.

Mamarazzi said...

love the beads over the closet...VERY cute idea!

how fun to turn your blog over to Cassie!

you are such a fun mom!