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Monday, September 22, 2008

Back by Popular Demand

Back by popular demand....a guest blogger.....the one....the only.....Cassie!!!!

I'm back. I received another present in the mail today. It was from Jan. This is my present below.
When I ripped it open I saw two books. They are called "Paper Towns" and "Discovering Pig Magic". They sound very good.
Now to get a closer look at the covers.

This is the package after I opened it. Empty.

Thanks Jan!!! Now to talk about different things. Like you. I have a question for all of you. What is your favorite constellation? Mine is Cassiopeia. It is my favorite because it sort of has my name in it. She also is my favorite because she was a queen.

About my Young Authors, it is going great. I think my favorite poem I have written is called "The Sun".

Thanks for reading my second blog post. Bye!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ you want me to send you the empty envelope???


bermudabluez said...

Dear Cassie, You are doing a fantastic job guest-posting on your mom's blog! You will have to get your own up and running soon. Have fun reading...they look like good books!

lisaschaos said...

Cool!! I just love getting books in the mail, don't you? How fun!

Favorite constellation? I love the big and little dippers, because they're about the only ones I can find. :) But I also like Seven Sisters. :)

Stella said...

My favorite is the Big Dipper. It reminds me of a ladle. The ladle reminds me of my grandma and all the food she used to cook for us!

ChrisB said...

Cassie-Books make wonderful presents and I'm sure you will enjoy these!

Jan said...

I like the Big Dipper, mainly because, like Lisa, I know where it is. I've never been an astronomy freak, but it's never too late.

Glad you like the books.

Are you going to host FM? What's the challenge?

Heather said...

I always loved Orion, mainly because I could usually find it - often at 5:30 AM when I was doing my paper route in 7th and 8th grade! I also could find Cassiopeia, so I like her, too!

Tera said...

How very cool! Isn't it great to get surprises in the mail?