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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to School

School has started!!! We have been in full swing for the past 2 weeks now. Where did summer go? My alarm is set for "school time", I am making lunches, and we have started Homework Hell. What? You don't know what Homework Hell is? You have not lived until you have experienced Homework Hell....the tears, the anguish, the drama, the emotions, the threats, the insanity of it all. Why can't children just get their damn homework done and get over it? Why can't they realize that they will have play time after it is done and that the longer they whine and cry the less play time they get?? Ahh...School has started!!

Don't let that smiling face fool you...he is the king of Homework Hell!! But, in his defense, today he was awesome. All homework was done without any tears, whining, or threats. It was true Homework Heaven. It was so good that he was given back his beloved Pokeman cards that were taken away yesterday in Homework Hell. This little monster (whom I love dearly) is now in the 3rd grade. He has just signed up for the basketball team and is very excited about that. He also had his first cub scout meeting tonight and both him and his father (his den leader) are looking forward to a great scouting year.

This precious angel had her 9th and final "first day of school" at her current school. She is in 8th grade and will graduate this year. She has been attending this school since kindergarten....time flies!!! She just signed up for the volleyball team, is still doing karate (hoping to test for her next belt soon) and we had our first girl scout meeting last week. We are also looking forward to a great scouting year (I am her leader). The best part about her is that she is slowly weaning herself away from Homework Hell!!! We still have some setbacks but it is getting much better!! The end is in sight!!

Life is busy over here right now...but it is also good!!! You get an added bonus today...another poem from my budding 13 year old poet.....

My Parents

My parents are awesome.

They love me all the time.

They are so cool,

And tell me not to whine.

They help me with my homework.

They say I'm oh so smart.

They tuck me in at night,

And don't kill me with a dart.

They say not to be a bad person

They get mad at me when I lie.

I try to make it better

So I make them a pie.

They keep me safe from harm.

They always say they love me.

They tell me to do my best.

They are as nice as can be.

They always want a hug

I pay them back

With lots of


Written by Cassie

Ok...I have no idea about the dart thing....and a disclaimer....she picks the poems for me to publish, I don't pick them....but you must admit, this one has a good ring to it!!!


Mamarazzi said...

your kids are GORGEOUS!

loving Cassie's poem! what a cool kid!


The dart thing cracked me up!! Priceless. I know alllll about homework hell!

JanMary said...

Great "back to school" picks - I have some on my blog too. I see your kids have a school uniform. All schools here in N Ireland do here, but I have not seen too many on other blogs.

Your daughters poems are excellent.

Thanks for sharing.

Tera said...

Haha, Homework Hell, I know it well. It's not much fun, til it's all done. But first we play and then we say: Homework Hell! Tomorrow morning before school, oh no, is that the bell??!

They look like such happy kids. And Cassie's poem sure makes you sound like awesome parents. I bet it did your heart good!!!

Keep on writing, Cassie!

marmiteandtea said...

LOL I remember homework hell, especially when it was Maths!

Lovely photos and a beautiful poem. That must have been wonderful to read :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Cassie's new haircut!! It makes her look soooo grown up!! How did that happen??


Sandy said...

Our personal homework hell consists of the leftover cursive papers from during the day...argh! 3rd grade does seem a little less stressful than 2nd, though, so for that I am thankful.

Great pics!

Stella said...

Your kids are fabulous!

I have to admit, I was the president of homework hell as a kid. HATED homework. Now, being a teacher and a parent, I think about that all the time! Why can't they just get it done and over with?!?! Stop crying and just get it done!

I don't look forward to those nights of crying and whining about not wanting to do it!

ChrisB said...

My eldest grandson has is just finishing scouts and is going on to venture scouts. He will go back to scouts as a leader next year (I think that's what beccy told me!)

karisma said...

Personally I think Homework should be against the law! The poor kids are in school all day, that should be enough! All it does is stress them out! When do they get to play? I could go on but will shut up now!

Another poem from the talented Cassie! Very entertaining! I love it!

lisaschaos said...

I hate homework hell! I think I would rather shove glass under my fingernails. Ugh!

Love Cassie's poem! What kinda pie does she try to bribe you with?

Melissa said...

Your kiddos rock!! Love Cassie's poem!!


Irene Latham said...

Hi Alison - yes, I am very familiar with Homework Hell! This year we've learned a trick that works for Eric: it he's banging his head against the table (figuratively), we just stop, send him to the shower, then start again when he's all fresh. :) For whatever reason, the water seems to get his world back in focus again. As for your poet-girl-scout... I so wish we lived closer as I and another writer (freelance magazine) have teamed up to do a service meeting for our local area girl scouts to earn their writing badges! I've got to dig up my old sash so I can show them. Anyhow, you asked about my father. He's just had his 2nd round of chemo and will have a scan tomorrow to find out if there has been any change in the tumors. Thanks you for asking. I am still having awful cancer dreams almost every night. Amazing what gets stuck in the ol' psyche. Love the pics of the kids. Happy day to you. xxoo

Slick said...

Great looking youngins' Alison!

And one is a literary genius :)

storyteller said...

How fun to smiling photos of your kids as they return to school … and to read your daughter’s poem. It almost makes me wish I was still teaching … almost ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

mama speak said...

Gawd! When did they go get so damn BIG?!!!

Love Cassie poem, especially the "dart" line (cracked me up)

I'm a Flylady follower and one thing I got my SIL to do w/my nephew (6th grade this year; he may just have been president of Homework Hell, suggestion here changed that drastically) is to set a timer. We set the timer for 15/20 mins & then break for 5. Since he knows he has a set time it seems to help w/the focus. Just a thought. Good Luck!

Heather said...

That was a great poem!

And I love the uniforms. Even though they go to the same school they get different color sweatshirts? My kids have different styles of sweatshirts, but they are both navy blue.

And Homework Hell comes and goes in my house. I just had to sign a paper my son didn;t complete because he forgot about it. I asked him if he had written it down in his assignment notebook and he said, "Yes." So I asked him why he didn't do it. Again, the answer was "I forgot." How could you forget with the assignment notebook? His response, "I don't look at my notebook, I just write the assignments down."

I had no idea such a smart kid wouldn't know how to use his assignemnt notebook.

Debs said...

Love Cassie's poem. :)

Time does fly so fast.