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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday...we have a teenager in our midst...

It seems like just the other day we brought our sweet baby angel home and started our Parenthood Journey. We prayed for this sweet baby angel....this little girl was loved and cherished before she was even born. Our first daughter, the first grandchild, the only granddaughter, the first niece.....loved by everyone, loves everyone and loves life.

Today she turned 13, a teenager. Where have the years gone, where are they going. She is growing into a wonderful young lady. I am proud to call her my daughter. She is sweet, kind, loving, selfless, considerate, respectful, responsible, mature, and beautiful - inside and out. She is always willing to help her family and friends. She volunteers as a "buddy" in our local Challenger baseball league, helping a little boy play the American game. He cannot use his hands, she helps him hold his bat with his feet and throw the ball with his feet. He is her assigned buddy, but she will also help out the little girl with Downs Syndrome or the little boy with autism....her heart is huge and her mind is open to all life's possibilities.

She regularly babysits for a family of 4 small children, not for money, because she loves these children....that is her way. She loves all animals, if is was up to her we would have a houseful...wait we do have a houseful!! She also takes care of our pets....the gecko, the snake, the fish, the hamster, the cats, the dog...she is very responsible pet owner.

This past year was a very difficult year for her in school. She struggled with her peers and being in a small school environment did make the situation any easier for her. She persevered though and has grown tremendously through her trials and tribulations. She has gained self confidence which in turn increased her self esteem. She has learned to stand up for herself and is not afraid to speak her mind. WOW...I wish I could have done that at 13...she is an amazing girl and we are so proud of her.

Today we celebrated her, we celebrated her life and her spirit and the wonderful young lady she is becoming.
She received her first cell phone...a total surprise for her!! I love surprising her.

She also received this little guy, or gal....her name is Star and she is a dwarf hamster and is very adorable. She also received clothes, jewelry, and money....what more could a 13 year old girl want - a cell phone, a hamster, clothes, jewelry, and money!!

Happy Birthday sweet angel girl....I am very proud of you and the woman you are becoming.


Jeni said...

Although the teenage years -especially with a girl - can be a bit rough and rocky now and again (lots of mood swings, ya know -but boys have them too. Oh well!), by the sounds of things, I think she -and you -will weather any storms that happen by quite nicely!

And wish her a big, big happy birthday from me too!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, 13 year-old jewelry wearing, cell phone and hamster owner.

From the sounds of it, you are as beautiful on the insides as you are on the outside. What a great combination.

Heather said...

Happy 13th birthday, Cassie!

Alison, what a beautiful tribute to your daughter. She sounds like an amazing young lady - mush due to you and your husband's influence, I'm sure!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

She sounds like a wonderful girl! I loved this post. Happy Birthday to her.

ChrisB said...

Alison this is such lovely tribute to your daughter. She sounds such a caring and loving person.

I'm sending her Birthday wishes from England :)

Coffee Bean said...

Oh! What a beautiful post! What a beautiful teenager (I almost wrote girl.. lol) Happy Birthday!

Stella said...

Happy Birthday!!

karisma said...

Happy Birthday! How exciting for you and scary for mom! Just kidding! Peace and happiness to you all!

Tera said...

Happy Birthday Cassie! A!

Jennifer said...

Is there anything on earth more frightening than a 13 year old girl?? Mine turned 13 on May 23 and she alternates between screaming hysterically, crying hysterically or laughing hysterically. Thirteen year old girls are just hysterical!! We need to find a meeting point somewhere between Alabama and California and have a play date!!

Debra W said...


Welcome to the wonderful world of teenagers! Alison, you are in for the hormonal adventure of your life, but I promise, it will be worth it! Just be sure to stay one step ahead of her and that no matter what she tells you, you still know more than she does. She reminds me of my oldest who went through the teenage years fairly easily, so I think you will be just fine!

Hugs and love,

Sherryl said...

Hi Cuz!
Please wish that sweet daughter many happy blessings from her cousins out here in New Hampshire. I hope to see you guys soon. Love you and miss you.

lisa marie said...

Happy Late birthday!

Enjoy the cell phone, don't make your ear fall off. :) And be thankful you only got one dwarf hamster. I stupidly bought my son a pair a few years ago and we had more dwarf hamsters than we knew what to do with really quickly. :)

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday to your baby!

t@wnyG!rl said...

ur one lovely young lady cassandra. hpy hpy belated bday! we miss u dearly. we need to schedule a GNO with alanah or something. luv yah.