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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Karmyn is Having a Baby!!!

Swampy, the good witch, is hosting a baby shower for Karmyn. I love a good party and with Swampy as the hostess with the mostess, I knew this would be great!!! So, I invited myself to the party and then I started shopping, and boy did I have a great time!!!

Karmyn in honor of your newest addition to your family I am giving you the following....and I hope you will find them useful!!!

First off we have a cake, but this is just not any is a cake made out of diapers.....just so you know, these are new diapers, and they are cloth. I am not sure which way you are going - disposable or cloth - but they make good burp rags also!!

Since I am sure your baby will be the coolest baby in your town, he will have to have this shirt....just don't let him spit up on kind of takes away from the hipness!!

Speaking of spit up....I am sure that you will need a few of these. The labels are for your sleep deprived mind to know just what area of the baby you are wiping.

And while you are changing and wiping the sure to cover his jewels with these nifty little pee-pee tee-pees so you don't get a shower....of course some days you really may not get a regular shower so these are always optional!!

And last, but definitely not least...I am giving you my all time favorite book for Moms with boys. Every time I read this book, I cry. I used to sing it to my son all the time.....Enjoy!!!

Enjoy your new little one...savor every sleep deprived, special moment...they are only babies for a short while before they start talking back!!!


karisma said...

I just love your cake there! What a great idea! Karmyn will love them for sure! My god a pee pee teepee? What on earth will they think of next?

Karmyn R said...

WHAT!?!? - I am cracking up over the pee-pee tee-pees. I have NEVER seen one of those. Out of this world!!

And yes - cloth diapers all the way. I wanted to use them with my other two but didn't, so have made the switch and am all ready!! (but, I will admit, I am sticking to disposable for the first 2 weeks only).

Thanks for posting along!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I always give "Love You Forever" to new moms, too. LOVE that book!
I also love the pee-pee teepees. Adorable! They didn't have those 15 years ago when my boy was born.......

Pamela said...

I'm laughing about the tee pee's too. I wish I'd thought that idea up. I'd be rich... ha ha.

Oh yes.. I've heard that book read at many a baby shower. Talk about needing a tee pee for tears!!!

kitten said...

She will have plenty of CAKE! LOL! What beautiful gifts! I love that book! I have read it a 1,ooo plus times!

swampy said...

PEE PEE TeePees ! Are you kidding me? Have you seen the targets you can float in the toilet for little boys to 'shoot at' when they are potty training?

My favorite book ! Cry every time I read it.
Thanks for attending the shower. This was fun.

Sandy said...

I am with everyone else on this one. PeePeeTeePees? What will they think of next?

I tried cloth diapers with my oldest but she was allergic to every laundry soap available at the time. Her pediatrician finally prescribed disposables...removed all guilt from me. Hurray!

lisa marie said...

What great gifts! I had never heard of the peepee teepee. Funny!

I love that book and my kids and I still sing the little song to each other.

ChrisB said...

I was thinking I would be the only one never to have heard of pee-pee teepee's, but clearly from the comments I am not alone! :)

WT said...

Hey those are really great gifts, the diaper cake is brilliant, hmmm...something bout 'diaper cake' sounds funny...never mind.

Robinella said...

I've never made it to the end of this book. Someone recommended it and like you, I cry everytime.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about the PP tee pees. Should've added that to my list.

Laura McIntyre said...

Gosh i love them, pee pee tee tee - hee hee never heard of anything so funny