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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Things that make you go Hmmm...

Doesn't she look sweet and adorable and totally innocent? Yes, I agree with fast forward 2 years.....she is changing faster than I change my mind!

We are back to school this week and our typical morning is harried and hurried as most of them are. Usually about 5 minutes before we have to leave the house my sweet angel and I have the following conversation:

Cass: Mommy, can you do my hair, I can't get it?
Me: Cass, we have to leave now, it looks fine. Let's go!
Cass: (whining) But Mommy, it is bumpy on top and it looks stupid!
Me: It looks fine honey.
Cass: (more whining) No, it doesn't. It looks stupid and everyone will laugh at me.
Me: Ok, hurry up, how do you want it?
Cass: (crying, hiccuping) I want a ponytail, half up, half down, in a bun.
Me: (exasperated) Which one, half up, half down, bun or ponytail?
Cass: (slight crying now) All of them, I want a combination.
Me: (wondering when I became a contortionist cosmetologist) Fine, bring me your brush and hurry, we are now late:

I fix her hair. It is beautiful. She smiles. She loves it. It is perfect.

I get in the car. I start it. I am patiently waiting for her. Michael is in the car. We are both waiting. She comes out of the house.

Her hair is down, no barrettes, no ponytails, nothing....nothing...nothing!!



swampy said...

She's a girl. She can change her mind. You're a girl. You know that.

Megnificent said...

ha. that was me at her age. only i never stopped with the "but it's BUMMMMMMPY!!!!!!" and ended up getting a brush to the back of the head every time. ;)

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

It's like "murder by cop"... she was clearly trying to get you to run over her with the car.

Cynthia said...

uh huh. Oh yeah sister, I feel your pain!

Debra w said...

Oh Alison,

Just get used to smiling and nodding as the influx of hormones becomes stronger and stronger. I promise you one thing. No matter what you do, you cannot least until they make it through the teen years!

Remember, smile and nod.


nikki said...

I'd of had to stab myself in the eye with an ice pick.

Christine@AreWeThereYetMom said...

Sounds like someone was having a bad hair day! OK, a bad morning.

Having an almost 14yo daughter,I know what you are talking about.

Rhonda said...

Oh how funny! Dang, I'll bet that's frustrating...I don't have kids, but I use to be like that, only my mom never helped me with my hair (after 11 or so). So, you're cool and that's all that matters!

tawnygirl said...

omg....this is me with taylor! i so feel you. alanah doesn't like me to touch her hair, neither does kiana. i love boys, just smack on a cap or shave them bald, they are good to go!

but u gotta love them girls.