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Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Very First Award!!!

My very dear friend from Such Simple Pleasures has bestowed upon me my very first Blogging Award!!! I could not be more excited. Thank you so much Melissa, you are awesome!! Melissa is one of my first blogging friends and I was very excited to meet her!! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for the award and the awesome things you said about me on your blog!! You are so sweet and I adore you also!!

Now, I believe the proper protocol is to Pass It I humbly bestow the above award on the following blogger friends of mine:

Blue Momma of course...not only is she a supportive blogging friend, she is also responsible for my awesome layout she did for me....just because she wanted a bag of Jelly Belly Flops!!!

Debbie from Four Angels Momma - Debbie always, always has a kind for me in my comments. She is so supportive and so sweet...I just love her!! I would love to meet you in real life someday Debbie!

Nekked Lizard Adventures - for always supplying me with a good laugh, even when Nekked Lizard Man goes off on one of his tangents which leaves me shaking my head...I love their sense of humor. They are also one of my first blogging friends!

Cynthia for always having an sweet comment for me. I love visiting her site, her adventures with her children are to live through vicariously. She is an awesome mom!

Meg Just Megnificent for winning my First Evah Contest!! Her blog is real...and I always get a chuckle from her adventures. Meg, you are a sweet, sweet woman and an awesome mom!!

Ms. Cellinia - her photography is beautiful. I am very upset that she was in my neck of the woods before I got to know her...I would have loved to meet her and have a cup of tea with her.

Speaking of tea - Peppermint Tea is another favorite visiting spot of mine. Her blog is also very real and thought provoking. She has always been very supportive and kind to me.

and last, but definitely not least

Irene from Word Lovers Unite. I love her writing and she is so kind and supportive also. Plus...I won my very first blogging contest from her this week!!

There are so many blogs I visit daily for laughs and inspiration. I have met a wonderful community of bloggers, these are just a small few!!


Debra w said...

Oh Alison,

You are so sweet! You deserve this award because you are always so supportive and caring in your comments and on your blog! You are truly an "Excellent" individual and I am happy to know that so many other bloggers see it, as well! Thank you so much for passing this award along to me. It is my first award and I am honored to be receiving it from such a dear person.

I was so excited to see that Irene was going to be sending copies of her book along to both of us! She is such a lovely and talented individual and I am looking forward to enjoying her book with a cup of hot tea.

I would love to be able to meet you someday, too! How much fun would that be? Who knows? We do live in the same state. Now I need to go read more of your adoption story.

Have a restful night!


Nekked Lizard Man said...

Alison, most of those around me will tell you (making it up of course) that I don't know what protocol is much less use it appropriately. However, I do know that a sincere "thank you" is in order for your gift. Kim is already passed out for the evening (she gets up at 05:00 for her quiet time). So during my quiet time, I will congratulate you on your award and appreciate you stopping by every once in a while.
NLL will probably have her own two cents to put in later. Ha - have a great week!! NLM

Beccy said...

Aw shucks, thank you *blushing*.

Many congratulations on your well deserved award.

ChrisB said...

Alison I'm thrilled with this award and, like my daughter, I too am blushing because of what you said about my photos.

I'm intrigued to know where you actually live if it's not far from SF. Mind I've discovered what you folk think is 'nor far' to us in the UK seems like a great distance!

Irene Latham said...

Thanks Alison for the shout-out! You are a sweetheart. I'll definitely pass it on.

suchsimplepleasures said...

i'm glad you like it!!! enjoy!

Blue Momma said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you very much! I'm glad you like your new layout AND me. My jelly belly is all ready to munch on those Jelly Belly Flops!

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

Weee Heeee! We got an award.... our first award. I've waited 51 blogs for this day to come. I'm very humbled at your gift, and will promise to live up to all expecations! I'm jumping for joy and will get the award up as soon as possible. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Debra w said...

Hi Alison,

I just wanted to stop by to let you know that I do plan on passing this award on, and putting it up on my blog when I figure out how!

Thanks again for your very sweet words. You are such a delightful person.


Cynthia said...

I am such a dork. I didn't even think to comment and thank you.

And after you said I leave such kind comments!

I told you I was speechless!!!!!

Megnificent said...

Oh boy, Oh boy! My first award ever! Now I've got to figure out how to make a nice pretty place on my page to display it. lol I'm learning, slowly..but learning nonetheless!