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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Julie over at Another Chance Ranch is hosting Thankful Thursday again this week. She would like us to write about something we are thankful for. I love this idea. It reminds us to focus on the positive instead of the negatives. On days like today, this task seems very daunting!

I have thought about this all day...and I am not feeling it at all. The usual crap went through my mind...a house, mine and my family's health, my job....yada, yada!! Nothing really grabbed me today. I have had a rough week with my children and The Dreaded Homework Woes and I am PMS'ing in a bad way.

So today I am thankful that Julie had this wonderful idea and I decided to participate in it. I need to think about the positives on days like today, because I can easily get mired in the negatives.

I am also thankful for bedtime right now!! The kids are in bed and the house is peaceful. The heater is on, keeping us warm and toasty, I have a nice cup of decaf coffee I am sipping on, my husband is watching basketball on TV, and the dogs are snoozing on their beds. Our day is coming to a close and I am very grateful for that. Tomorrow will be a new day, and a better one!

Thank you Julie for this wonderful idea...I feel better already!!

Head on over to Julie's place and visit more Thankful Thursdays!!


Beckie said...

I think that is a really good one! I am thankful for bed time too. Especially my son's bed time!

Tera said...

Last night I was really thankful for bedtime...I fell asleep with my son and stayed there all night, and feel so much better for it this morning. It's weird how it's so hard to really search out what makes us thankful. I mean, all those normal things are easy, but what we're really thankful for? Takes a bit of thought!!

swampy said...

I can SO relate to, "the kids are in bed and the house is peaceful."
After having two grandkids here for a week, that is certainly something to be thankful for.

ChrisB said...

Being thankful for bedtime I remember well even though it's many years since I've had children, a dog etc to deal with... but I do have embee( hubby), 3 tortoises and my mother so there are still days when I'm thankful for my own bedtime!

Jeanette said...

Those peaceful hours between the kids bedtimes and our bedtime were so wonderful. I remember those days! Nice post.

suchsimplepleasures said...

i'm always thankful for bedtime!! even though the time varies, from day to day...

Lois said...

I am with you. It does make us focus on the positives. Tomorrow will be a better day.


Sandy said...

Thank you for the honesty in this post. I try very hard to be thankful, to find the bright spot in every situation. Last week, one day? My shoelaces stayed tied. Yep, that was it for the day!

I'm gonna go find a book, an afghan, a dog, and a cup of tea.

Have a terrific day.

Irene Latham said...

Chocolate always helps. :) I am thankful my cold is getting a little better. I was beginning to wonder! Thanks for your honesty, Alison. xxoo

Anonymous said...

I agree...the peaceful time when the kids are in bed until I go to bed is so nice! I also like the peaceful time in the morning when I get up before everyone, have my coffee and check my e-mail & blogs. Priceless, treasured moments of a day for me!

Joeprah said...

Awww! You need a cyber hug! Chin up and I agree that bed time rules.

Debra w said...

Oh Alison,

We all have those days where we think, "NO, I am not in the mood to be thankful. So. There.", and that is okay. Given time, and a little chocolate, as Irene suggested, we eventually give in and admit that we can always find plenty to be grateful for.

Big hugs,

Jen said...

It's always nice at the end of the night when the kids go down and the cat is locked in the bathroom with his food and litter box, and I can just grab a cup of hot cocoa or tea and lean back to read a good book.

Aaaaah. The relaxation is already starting. :)

bermudabluez said...

I agree! A peaceful house is a happy house!

Laura McIntyre said...

I so agree, i love love bedtime and knowing the kids are happy , fed and sleeping so mummy can have some me time