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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lookee Here...

...we have Chicken Pox!!! How very exciting!! We had a few more Destinations planned for this week but now our only destination is our home. Poor Cassie came down with the Chicken Pox! She is pretty miserable with the itching but other that she is feeling OK. Before you ask...Yes, she did have the vaccine and Yes, she did have the booster shot last year, or the year before, and Yes, she did have them before when she was about 2 years old. So, that being said, her new name is "Chicken Pox Head" since the varecella virus seems so attracted to her!!

But, we do have a few things to be grateful for:
*she did not break out until Christmas was over
*she is still on vacation from school
*we got a number of Destinations done before we were quarantined

That being said, we are anxiously waiting to see if Michael breaks out....he has been vaccinated also....time will tell.

On the contest is still open...I will look at everyone's pictures tonight and announce the winner tomorrow with my Friday Funny post. Thanks to everyone who entered!!!


suchsimplepleasures said...

oh yuck!!! i had the cp when i was going into 10th grade. they were awful!!!
feel better! daughter has the SAME shirt. does it say don't give me attitude because i have one of my own?
so funny!

Chrys said...

so sorry she has chicken pox! I got them something awful when I was in highschool! All of my children had the vaccination shot. I wonder when they will need another shot?

Nekked Lizard Man said...

It's never a good time to have Chicken Pox, but if she has too - this would be the best time AND unlikely she will get it again! Out family had the stomach flu over the holidays - now that its time to go back to work, we are fine.... NLM


LIBSMOM said...

Hey Alison!
I just got a comment on my blog from you! Thanks for stopping by!! Sorry to hear about the POX. Both of my boys got them before the vaccination was invented. They're rough. I took them out for a ride one night just to break the cabin fever while in the throws of the virus and when we stopped at Burger King for a drink, the cashier gave us free fries just because the boys looked so pitiful :) They never forgot that. Here's hoping the virus has a short life.

lisa's chaos said...

Chicken pox are so much fun! :) Hope she feels better in no time. Be happy it's while she's young, I had them in 8th grade and it was horrible.

Judith Shakespeare said...

Ugh. Chicken pox? Sorry to hear that, honey! I hope everyone feels better soon!