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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This and a Bonus at the End

I found more surprises in my mailbox this past week.....I love getting mail that isn't a bill, or junk....getting presents from blogging friends is the best!!!

The first one is from my friend Jan. She is a book lover, like me, and she is very generous. Last month she gave away a number of books and I was fortunate to win one. Here it is.....

Here is the inside flap...the book sounds very interesting and I can't wait to start it. Since I am relaxing now I plan on doing a lot of reading. Thanks are so kind and generous!!

The second present came from Swampy, I think she dropped it off when she flew over on her broom. I opened the package and was so excited to see that it was a pair of shoes!!! I love shoes. I couldn't wait to try them on but when I tried to open the box I noticed that it was completely taped shut...odd....most shoe boxes are not taped shut. I ripped through the tape and opened the box and found....

...a note from Swampy. Hmm..what is she talking about...bumper sticker? t-shirt? towel? where are the shoes? Maybe they are under all this other stuff?

Here is the bumper sticker. I started to go outside to put it on my neighbor's car, just like Swampy said to do, but Cassie stopped me. Apparently she thought it was a bad idea, whose kid is she anyway? She decided it would make a good bookmark. It now resides in her current read.

Here is the towel. She said to mop my floors with it....Mop? who has time to mop? Where are the shoes??? still looking...

Here is the t-shirt I will wear with pride. I need to learn to stop opening these gifts in front of my daughter. Guess who appropriated the t-shirt? You guessed dear daughter, of course. I hope she wears it with pride. I think Baron is giving me a look of sympathy. I still haven't found any shoes....

Wait! The box is empty.....Swampy, you forgot to send the shoes!!

Thanks Swampy....I love my gift from your garage....even if you forgot the shoes.

Since my darling daughter stole my bumper sticker that I was going to put on my neighbor's car and the t-shirt I was going to wear with pride, I thought it was only fitting that she give something back. Here is a poem she wrote. She is becoming quite the budding poet and songwriter.

The Wind

The wind blows through as a sign of life.

The wind blows through my hair.

The wind blows through the field as it makes flowers sway from side to side.

I smile when the wind blows because I know

That when the wind is blowing

It is blowing through my soul.

And when it is in my soul,

I know that is where my soul will be

When I expire.

by Cassie


Stella said...

What a great poem!!

I totally would have taken the t-shirt, too, if my mom had gotten in the mail!!

You are a very lucky woman to have such wonderfully kind friends. That is a mark of a very kind person, that they attract such kind people!

ChrisB said...

What a wonderful poem Cassie wrote.

I love getting parcels and this one was swampy to forget the shoes!!

karisma said...

Oh Bravo Cassie! That is the best! Aunty Karisma is very impressed, tell mama to email your address and I will send you a prize all of your very own so you do not have to pinch mama's!

And as for you my soul twin, I am cracking up about the shoes, you know as soon as you said it I was getting all excited over the fact that Swampy had sent you those red shoes! I was trying so hard not to scroll down fast to find them! LOL! Too funny! What a lucky girl you are getting two parcels at once! Fairy Lucky! Hugs and Kisses, from Me! xxxoooxxx

nikki said...

I love that Swampy and her garage gifts.

Anonymous said...

That's a great poem! And how fun to receive goodies in the mail! I miss getting goodies in the mail! Too Fun.

Mother Goose said...

I love the poem and all of your gifts. You lucky thang!

swampy said...

Ah-h-h-! Cassie, the poem is beautiful. Thank you.

I knew I was forgetting to put the shoes in the box. Not sure they would fit you though. I'll go look for them as soon as I find my steel-toed hip boots to protect my toes from the scorpions.

Irene Latham said...

Tell Cassie to KEEP WRITING! I love the image/idea of wind blowing through the soul. Would love to know what that tastes/smells/feels like. Encourage her to dig deep! And of course put it on paper. :) Thanks for asking about my father. Things are not good. We continue to be overwhelmed. Also about Breaking Dawn (Twilight saga): I stayed away from the series for YEARS, but have to say I've really enjoyed it! Vampires are so not my thing, but LOVE is. That's what this story is, at its core. I'm not done with BD yet, so I'm avoiding all websites that might contain spoilers. So far so good! xxoo

Anonymous said...

I love that poem cassie!!!

lisaschaos said...

Cassie I love your poem! I hope you sometimes share things with your mom. :)

Looks like a great package, wonder why your boy doesn't try to grab stuff?

bichonpawz said...

Terrific poem that your daughter wrote! How exciting that you got a cool gift in the mail from Swampy! I really need to write a post about my blog friends and this just reminded me to do just that!