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Friday, August 8, 2008

Boxer Babes

Which one would you choose? Look at this picture of Boxer Beauties and savor their cuteness. Imagine their puppy breath. Imagine their squirmy little bodies in your arms.

Conjure up a memory of holding a new life...the way they relax in your arms. The way they mold their body into yours. The absolute trust they have in you. The warmth of their bodies as they snuggle close to your heart.

Imagine their sweet smelling puppy breath. Their soft tongue licking your face with puppy kisses. The way their eyes lovingly look into yours with complete devotion, trust, and love.

Imagine their wrinkles of excess skin. The size of their paws. The glimpse into the future of the dog they will become.

How can you choose one? How can you resist one?


Mother Goose said...

oOh, I can feel their warm breathy air on my arm and their velvety soft muzzles. How adorable! Mr. Incredible loves boxers!

MommyWizdom said...

OMGosh, they are gorgeous! How sweet!! We have video of our Great Danes when they were puppies... hard to imagine they were ever that small and helpless.

Come join me for Pet Peeve Tuesday - it's brand new!

Stella said...

Ohhhh I want one or threee!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute I want one!

swampy said...

Send them to me. All of them. NOW! The Cruella is coming out in me...not for Dalmations but for Boxer Babies.
Oh my, how I wish I could hold one of those precious babies and smell that delightful puppy breath. Thanks for clueing me in because I would have missed this post.
As you know, I'm not visiting much lately and certainly appreciate the heads up on this one.


I just want to eat them up! I love boxers (but then, there are very few breeds that I don't love!).

fav neighbor said...

Does this mean you're puppy shopping again? :o)


Slick said...

Don't tell anyone but even I think they're cute as a button

Cute kids as well.

lisaschaos said...

How many went home with you? They are adorable! And the kids look in love!

Sandy said...

oh, I have baby envy...not Boxer envy 'cause I have one, but baby envy.

They are SO cute!

Pamela said...

I just called my husband over to look at them...and he said "hmmmph."
Thats because Boxers are his favorite dog - what he had as a kid growing up.

Mamarazzi said...

awww sweet puppy kisses...i want one!

karisma said...

ok tell me you picked the one with the white nose! I would have picked him as he is different! They are all precious of course but just imagine trying to feed them when they grow up!

Coffee Bean said...


Jennifer said...

Oh, I wanna baby!!!!!!!!! Except I nearly killed the last puppy I had because I had forgotten how much freakin' work they are!!!

Debra W said...

Which one did you choose? They are all sooooo cute!