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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Healing Words

In my previous post I shared a poem that my daughter wrote. I was unaware that she had a penchant for writing, or that she was so talented. Apparently she has been writing for about a year and just recently shared her poetry with me, and I immediately encouraged her to share them with her father. We were both very impressed. Realistically, I should not have been surprised. She is a very passionate child and she is very intuitive. She has always been able to share her feelings and emotions and she is very aware of her environment. I have always encouraged her to write, especially when she was knee deep in her pre-teen angst.

"Writing will release your emotions", I have told her. "It is very cleansing, you will feel better."

Apparently she was actually listening to me! Whenever she was overcome with emotion and couldn't speak coherently I would hug her and say "write, get it out". She did, unbeknownst to me. She showed me an anthology of poems she has written over the past year, she gave me a reading last month of all her poems. I sat there in awe at her raw talent, her raw emotions in black in white. I cried...and I couldn't help but wonder at her level of maturity. When I was her age I was incapable of this level of intuitiveness. She is only 13, but her soul is so much older.

Some of her poems are fun and light....some are heart wrenching. This past year was a very difficult year for her. She struggled immensely at school socially. She attends a small private school and she is just not like most of the girls in her class. She is not driven by popularity, she is not obsessed with fashion and clothes, she is not passionate about fitting into the mold. She speaks her mind, she is passionate about the environment, she is service minded and loves to help people, she is kind and accepting and has an open mind. I love the way she is, I would not want her to be any other way. I understand how the "system" works with girls though..and my heart broke last year seeing her in so much pain. I wanted her to fit in, but then again I didn't. I wanted her to be accepted, but I didn't want her to devalue herself. It hurt, she hurt....but somewhere along the way a change began.

Cassie began to hold her head up again. Her confidence level grew. Her self esteem was elevated a few notches. Her teachers noticed a change and commented to me the positive changes they saw in the classroom. What precipitated this change? I was not sure at the time - could it be karate? could it be our long talks? our encouragement to her to be true to herself? our desire and suggestion to pull out of the school and home school her 8th grade year? her decision to stay for 8th grade? I didn't know, but I suspected it was a combination of all the above reasons.

I have a different opinion now. While I do think all the above reasons played a pertinent role in her metamorphosis, I now know another reason that I feel played a major role in her change. Her writing. Her poetry. Her feelings and emotions flowing onto the page, flowing out of her soul, her heart becoming music and magic on a blank canvas. The words she could not find, could not orate....the words she found through her fingers, through her pen. Healing words.

Wishes to swim with dolphins,
Dreams of becoming a marine mammal biologist,
Wants to make a difference in the world.
Who wonders what it is like in space.
Who fears death.
Who is afraid of war.
Who likes to have a great time.
Who believes in heaven and hell.
Who loves pizza and ice cream.
Who loves karate.
Who loves her family.
Who loves to help people in need.

reprinted with permission from author

I hope she continues to write...she has some tumultuous years ahead of her.


karisma said...

Excuse me Mama!

Cassie, you have the most beautiful soul. You remind me so much of myself at your age. Never stop writing, if you feel the urge, just do it! Take it from someone who knows! Like you at your age I wrote and wrote and then one day I burned my work (NEVER DO THAT) Why? because I took notice of what people wanted me to be! When I look back and remember! I wish I could unburn my book of feelings! Every moment, every thought! Its all you! Keep it by your heart! And remember that one day what may seem insignificant now, may mean so much to you!

Your parcel at my house is getting bigger as we speak. I even have something for mama! Keep writing my little fairy! Never deny your soul what is inside, because that is where the real you resides. NEVER worry what others think, just always
be yourself, because the REAL you! Is truly BEAUTIFUL AND MAGICAL! Sweet Pea you are the future, revel in your talents! I love you!

Aunty Karisma xxxxx

melissa said...

you're right...she's got some talent there!!
maybe that is something i should encourage my son to you suggested!! meme is up.
i heart you!!! knowing that you are here...even just through the internet...makes me happy!!

Jan said...

Alison, I love Cassie's poems, that you have shared. I've saved them. Ask Cassie if I can publish one or both on my blog, next April, for National Poetry Monthe. I'm pretty sure I'll do a poem a day, next year. This year, I only did one a week. Weak!

Mother Goose said...

Your cassie sounds a lot like My beauty. If you notice many of my blogs are not about Beauty. Beauty isn't into all of the social powers or dress codes. She is kind, good, sensitive and the nurturer of us all. She always puts herself last. Beauty is also a writer. She is a beautiful writer as well. She received nominations and awards for her writing. I really feel that Cassie and Beauty would get along! I love what a wonderful young woman Cassie is growing into. Perhaps, our girls are older spirits. Because I know they will make much better adults and won't be caught up in the petty behaviors that you can see many adult woman still involved in. I love the relationship that you have with Cassie. I can feel so much love through your words about her.

Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful poem. I'm so glad she continued to be her and didn't get crushed or feel she had to change to fit in with the other girls. It's so hard being that age to have an outlet like writing is great - good advice from Mum :)

fav neighbor said...

Oh Ally! I don't know why we're so surprised when we tell them God can make hurtful things that happen to us and bring something good from them - and this is the perfect example! I'd love to read more. Beautiful Cass! Keep it up sweetie.


lisaschaos said...

Great poet you have disguised as your daughter! I'm glad she found an outlet, if memory serves I found the same on about that same age. :)

Pamela said...

high self esteem. You've done well, mom.

Mamarazzi said...

wow! Cassie is an amazing girl. i regret not getting together this summer. life just got WAY too busy! i hope the girls continue thier correspondence and that we can make time for a face to face soon. i think that J and C have much in common...poetry being one of them.

Coffee Bean said...

What a beautiful post and your daughter is most talented!