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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An Award....and a Meme

My wonderful fairy loving friend Karisma has bestowed upon me this brilliant award!!! Thanks so much my friend...I will wear it proudly!! Along with the award there is the following meme:

A.) attached or single? Attached for the past 25 years

(B.) best friend? Terri, we have been friends for 32 years!!! Her real name is Putt.

(C.) cake or pie? Both

(D.) day of choice? any day is a good is all about your attitude!

(E.) essential item? hand lotion, wearing gloves all day at work does a number on my hands...and on my off days I am in my garden playing in the dirt.

(F. ) favorite color? green, as in the color and as in living green

(G. ) gummy bears or worms? Neither, much prefer chocolate

(H.) hometown? same town I am now living in!

(I. ) favorite indulgence? chocolate
(J. ) January or July? both...I love curling up in winter with a good book in front of the fire, and I love playing outside in the summer

(K. ) kids? 2, a boy and a girl

(L.) life isn't complete without? hugs and kisses and laughter and sunshine and rainy days.

M.) marriage date? April 9, 1988
(N.) number of brothers & sisters? 4 brothers, no sisters....but I now have sister in laws

(O.) oranges or apples? both

(P. ) phobias? claustrophobic, and am I going to get to England next summer??

(Q.) quotes? Live, Laugh, and Love
(R.) reasons to smile? too many to list....enjoy each day and always look for the silver lining!

(S.) season of choice? all, I love the change in seasons
(T.) tag seven peeps! Hmm...let's see about Stella, ChrisB, Chrys, Melissa, Angela, Marmite and Tea, and Cyndy

(U.) unknown fact about me? what secret can I share?? I don't watch much TV, but I love the shows Jon and Kate plus 8 and Supernanny

(V. ) vegetable? love them....all of them, except eggplant

(W.) worst habits? snacking at night while playing on the 'puter

(X.) x-ray or ultrasound? neither....I take xrays at work regularly..and an ultrasound, in my life, means there is something wrong.

(Y.) your favorite food? chocolate
(Z.) zodiac sign? Gemini, can't you tell by my answers...I am definitely a twin!!

Whew...that was a long one....are you still here??


Stella said...

Great Meme! Thanks for tagging me...I'll be doing it quite soon!

karisma said...

Yes you are! My twin! The only discrepancy I can see there is you don't like eggplant! You obviously have never had it served to you properly my dear! Its divine!

Phobias, exactly the same however, although I am afraid of flying in a plane, I have always had the urge to fly myself! How odd!

karisma said...

If you don't mind, can you send me your exact birthdate. I know generally when it is but not the exact date. I would like to compare our personality charts! We are so alike it just amazes me.

Slick said...

Well, you're definitely worthy of the reward, Alison!

I better be careful though or your blatant optimism will rub off on me!

No gummi bears?? I'm addicted to those things!

Anonymous said...

Excellent meme I shall be doing it shortly :)


Congrats and thank you! I'll do the meme ASAP.

melissa said...

thank you!!! xoxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxox
i will be doing this meme tagged me at the perfect time!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on the award!

I'm Gemini too! :D

Karen in SC

ChrisB said...

Well who's a lucky girl girl to have two people who think I'm worthy of this award within a couple of days! I will need a little time to get a post together but I will be delighted to do the meme...thank you for thinking of me.

Mother Goose said...

Thank you! I love the meme and the award. You always give me great prezzies! My link back to you did not work. I will have to fix that!

ChrisB said...

Just letting you know my post is up sorry it's taken me a long time but I know you will forgive me.