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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Night Happenings

Last night was a very strange night in our household. As you know, I have been battling the plague this week and my sinuses are a wreck. It is OK when I am upright, but at night the breathing becomes very difficult. Apparently, this makes me a very loud sleeper and because my husband is a very light sleeper...well you get my point. At around 2:00 am this morning Dave had had enough and went to sleep on the couch. This is not strange by any means, but what happens next is very strange.

I woke up when he left our room and continued to doze off and on the rest of the night. At one point I "heard" him walking back to our room, but he wasn't. Later I heard the TV on very loudly for an instant before the volume was lowered. I didn't think much of these instances until I spoke with Dave today. Here is his version of last night.

He was laying on the couch but couldn't sleep so he had the TV on very low. He eventually fell asleep only to be woken up by the volume on the TV increasing. He woke up confused and turned the TV off. He then heard the door to the garage opening and closing. He said other strange noises and occurrences were happening all night.

After he told me what happened to him, I told him that I was sure I heard him walking in our room, but he wasn't. He was very troubled by this and thought that maybe someone was walking around our house last night. I assured him that is was not a "real" person because our dog would have barked or attacked or something. But, I do think "someone" was walking around our house last night. I think this spooked him more than a real person.

I wonder if he will sleep tonight??


Jan said...

Good, God. I'd be upset, too.

Bethany said...

After reading this, I wonder if I'll sleep tonight!

Heather said...

OK, both possibilitie give me the heebie jeebies! Be safe!

Anonymous said...

Lack of good sleep brings out the ghosties.

Actually, though I've seen a ghost at our house a couple of times - years ago - once in the hallway and another time he walked across the back porch. A little unsettling, but being a pretty unimaginitive person I attribute it to some brain synapses misfiring or somthing - like Scrooges' "blot of mustard or bit of underdone potato" (or whatever). :-D Hope y'all get better soon.

Karen in SC

Pamela said...

I would have written it off to your illness -- but since he was hearing things and experiencing things, too...then I think something else was going on.

Swampy said...

Oh, that was just little 'ole me wandering around.

Karmyn R said...

Freaky -

but, having lived in a house that we now believe was haunted, I am a true believer. But the garage going up and down? That would worry me. I'm surprised he didn't get up and check.

lisaschaos said...

I don't think I'll sleep tonight! Creepy!

karisma said...

Interesting! I have not yet come across any ghosts who make a noise! (Not out loud anyway!) Get some sage incense sticks, light them and walk around the house with them or alternatively burn some dry sage to clean the air.

Just Courtney said...

The volume change on the TV could be attributed to a commercial change. I know there are times when some commercials will be blaring loud, even if the volume is down low. The other things I have no explanation for though lol. Hope everyone is sleeping better now!

Mamarazzi said...


ChrisB said...

That is really spooky. Just reading it has made me feel all shivery.

Mother Goose said...

ah, yeah! that would scare me more than a real person too! I don't know what I would do, well. I know I would pray and I would pray to bless our home and those who live in it to be safe from all harm and evil spirits. did I just freak you? But, that is what I would pray for, or have my hubz pray for.
that is way too FREAKY for me! I wouldn't be the one caught on the couch by myself. I would have woke MR. I up and had us both been freaked at the same time. LOL