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Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Annual Christmas Tradition

Today was the day....the Annual Get Our Christmas Tree Adventure. Our adventure is the same every year, see last year's adventure, yet it is different every year. We go to the same farm, traipse through the same forest, have lunch at the same place, ride the same hayride...yet every year it is different, and every year it is better.
This is the first tree that caught our eye today. All of our ornaments would clearly stand out with this tree. The only problem was that it was not quite green enough, so we moved on.

This tree really called to us. Micheal really liked this tree...he likes cute little things. Unfortunately we have way too many ornaments for a tree this size so we had to walk on by, again.

We finally located the perfect tree. Before we could cut it down, we had to perform our Family Ritual...dancing around the tree and singing the Christmas Tree Dance song. You are in luck this year....I videoed the dance. Oh can thank me later!!

We have been performing this ritual for many years...I think we even did it before we had children!! If you think that is bad....we sing this song every year on the drive up to the Christmas Tree Farm.

Just for is my family performing the above song last year on Christmas morning for their can thank me later!!

I never said we were normal!!!

We transported our carefully chosen and thoroughly christened tree home and decorated it. Our tree is beautiful, our house smells heavenly, and our family tradition has continued on for another year.

Merry Christmas!!! I hope I brought a smile to your face and a chuckle to your belly!!!


Gattina said...

What a wonderful tradition ! I had never heard about that ! Anyway we are not allowed to go in the woods and choose a Christmas tree, there are stands all over the city they sell already cut trees and you choose them there, without singing of course, lol ! The last years people choose the Norvegian tree because it doesn't loose the needles !

mama speak said...

Yeah, this year we pulled out the stops and headed to home depot. I've been too sick to deal w/trying to cut it down (next year) but we got it, set it up and had the lights on while the girls were sleeping. When they got up and saw it in the morning they freaked out. I didn't really think about their reactions before, wish I had so I could've taped it. Might be better then the reactions we'll get on X-mas morning.

Oh and I love your son's dance in the 2nd video, that's the dance you all should be doing round the tree.

Heather said...

I LOVE your tree dance! How cool that your kids (and husband) still do it! And the song with the family singing was so fun!

I am truly impressed when I see your family videos. You can tell your children are so loved. You are always having so much fun! I can hear my son now if we told him to dance around our (admittedly) artificial tree: "Mmmmoooooooommm!" with eye roll. Glad your kids feel so free to have so much fun!

hulagirlatheart said...

Excellent! It did make me smile...and want to dance.

storyteller said...

How fun to read about your nifty traditions ... and what a lovely series of photos you've shared!
Hugs and blessings,

lisaschaos said...

That is too hilarious! Your little man sure likes to dance!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness that is so funny and so cute. I love how free your children are I would have been too embarrassed at their age to join in, I love that they do.

Jan said...

Alison, Thank you, this is a great post. No wonder I love you, you're wacky, and would fit right in with my weird family.

Mother Goose said...

oh you did! you did!!! please please come and sing with my family! we would get along! I love that dh can play the guitar! I want to learn how to play!

karisma said...

Norty Alison! You chopped down an innocent tree! Shame on you! You know that makes the fairies mad!

I forgive you only because I watched the kids singing! I watched it twice okay! I needed that right now! Thank you! Now if only I could get my hands on you all in person that would really make my day! Michael reminds me so much of DB! I want to kiss them all! Very talented bunch! Ahem, don't you have a tri-pod, where were you? Huh?

karisma said...

Hey! Did I ever tell you how much I love you? Well, I love them just as much! They are way cool! I can see me and them making a music video together! he he! Caz can write the lyrics too!

ChrisB said...

I love your family traditions and it's great to see the videos. You have so much fun is wonderful.

Pamela said...

bwaa ha ha ha... he had a Christmas high goin on.

I remember when my kids couldn't sit still at Christmas time.

Mother Goose said...

your tree does look beautiful! what a wonderful tradition!