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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Awards and an Update

Beth, who lives on a Funny Farm gave me this wonderful award....thanks so much Beth, right back at you!!! I am going to pass this on to the following bloggy friends:







ChrisB bestowed upon my this incredible award. Thank you so much Chris, I am not sure I deserve it, but I will wear it proudly!! I will pass this one onto the following bloggy friends:


Now for an update on me...first off, please let me apologize for my sporadic posting. I know you are waiting on pins and needles to hear the rest of our second adoption journey!! I have been very busy in the garden, cleaning up after the winter. We are also in the midst of a remodel of the back garden, a complete remodel!! It will be gorgeous when it is complete.

Speaking of remodels....I am in the process of remodeling myself. Getting healthy physically has become a number one priority for me, and this takes time. I have been cooking nutritious meals nightly and walking daily. All of this is wonderful and I am feeling so much better, but it also cuts down on my computer time.

Our son is making his First Holy Communion this weekend. He looks so handsome in his suit!! I am getting ready for this also...we are having a party after the Mass at our house.

So, that is my update. I hope to write the next installment this week and I am planning on posting pictures from this weekend.....please don't forget about me...I enjoy visiting you and having your visit me and leave me comments!!


Jan said...

Wow, thank you. This is my first award, amazing.

karisma said...

Oh how cute! Thank you, now as my kids used to say to me...but I Loves You Muchly More!

TheVasquez3 said...

congrats on your awards!!

and thanks for the little update. i like to know whats going on with my bloggy friends.

we are going through remodels here too...seems never ending, but we are pluggin along.

Tera said...


Thanks so much for the award! I never got one of those fun is that?! You're terrific!

My sons have their Confirmation and First Communion the beginning of May...nobody can wait to wear the suits and new shoes! hahah They look so amazingly different without jeans and a tshirt.

We've been gardening too...luckily we just have a little area to deal with. But it is so terrific filling it all up with things that make you happy. I can't wait to see pix!

Thanks again!

ChrisB said...

Thank you for that cute award it reminds me of when the children were small and used to say that :)

Of course we won't forget you and miss out on the next stage installment ~ no way you are stuck with us!

You have a lovely weekend coming up look forward to seeing the pictures.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

You deserve those awards and many more!

Congratulations on your son's first communion. I am looking forward to the rest of the story!

Laura McIntyre said...

Congratulations on the awards.

I wait, trying to be patient with the story, what you have went through to become a mother is amazing . I admire you and your husband , your children are so lucky to have you both (as are you guys to have them i imagine)

Irene Latham said...

Alison, I love you this much too. :) Thank you, sweet friend. Wish we lived in the same town so we could work on the remodeling ourselves project together. I seriously need inspiration in that department! Looking forward to the continuation of Michael's story... xxoo thanks for the love!

Joeprah said...

Good Work! Way to go on the awards! Also, best wishes on the first communion ours was in mid February...a little early, but our parish believes the kids should be able to celebrate Easter with the community. I had never heard that before until I moved to the parish where we are at currently. Peace!

nikki said...

It's amazing what that daily walk has done for me too!

Heather said...

First communions are such wonderful times - hope your weekend is great!

And congrats on the healthier lifestyle! How are the kids taking the healthy meals?

Stella said...

So important to feel good about yourself!! Don't worry, we'll wait anxiously and be here when you're ready!

Congratulations to your son! SO EXCITING!!!

lisa marie said...

Oh THANK YOU! Yeah, pics soon and another post. :)

Chrys said...

I am so happy for you. I have been trying to get healthy too and being more conscious of what I eat. I would love for you to post some of your recipes and meals of what you have been making. Are you following a program or are you just making one up.

suchsimplepleasures said...

i love you this much too!!!

thank you honey!!

Sherryl said...

Hi Cuz,
I'm flying out to see Andrya next Thursday. Going to go and see AuntE on Sunday. Maybe we can swing by and see you guys either on the way to her house or on the way home and see that backyard remake and your new body remake.... I will only be out there for a few days... Gotta finalize her wedding dress. I wonder why you're redoing the backyard you nut. Anyways, I love you... give that handsome boy of yours a kiss for me when he's in his suit this weekend. Love to all the family

Beccy said...

What a cute award.

Enjoy your weekend, I for one am looking forward to the next installment.

swampy said...

OH, I "WUV" you this much, too!
Thank you so much. It feels good to be loved !
You mentioned "sporadic" posting...well, that's me, too! I just don't have the time to consistently post OR vist. BUT, rest assured, that award will be proudly displayed on my sidebar soon. Have a wonderful weekend.

Chrys said...

Alison, you could never be forgotten! enjoy! You are busy!