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Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Funny

Allow me to translate for you:

If yur (your) name is momy (mommy) than u (you) sud (should) keep out. Do not ckom (come) in.

Notice the drawings on the door....he is a muralist in the making!!! This was during his train phase.....he has since moved on to insects and dinosaurs...and you wonder why we have not painted his room yet!! No need, he drawing murals on the walls!!

Anyway....back to the love note....

I found this little love note on my son's bedroom door one day when he was 4 years old. Apparently I really made him mad, which of course I would never do!!! (please refer to this post) He was so mad that he went into his room and wrote this note and stuck it on his door. I can only assume that the smiley faces were added to ease any anger I would feel when reading the note....."I was only kidding Mommy...see the happy faces!!"

I saw the note and immediately started laughing and grabbed my camera....this was pre blogging days too!!! Later that night when I was tucking him into bed, the note was gone. I innocently asked him about it and where it went. This was his response:

"I took it down because you are being nice now."

Funny, 4 years later and I am still being mean when he gets in trouble and still being nice when he is getting his way.....

Have a wonderful Friday!!!


TheVasquez3 said...


oh that is the coooolest!!

ChrisB said...

Wonderful: I think we have all had some of those notes!

Jennifer said...

And that's the way it will always be!! My 12 year old loves me as long as we are in the mall and I am purchasing items for her! Loves me not so much when we are home and I'm asking her to clear a path through her bedroom!

Kelly said...

This is awesome. Happy Friday, toots!

amanda said...

hahaha. too cute.

Irene Latham said...

What a treasure. 8 year old Eric is taking his grandmother's death particularly hard... when we were talking about it, he didn't say how much he loved her, etc., as we adults would... he said, "she was never mean to me." Someday I suppose we'll be grandmothers and get to love our grandchildren that way... but yeah, I've had to be a mean mommy too, at least once or twice. :)

lisa marie said...

That will probably continue until he is 90. :)

swampy said...

Those need to be matted and framed. Then use them at a wedding some day.