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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Meeting of Two Bloggers

Have you ever met someone and instantly clicked with them? You felt like you have known them forever? You feel like you will know them forever?

I had the distinct pleasure and honor of this experience today. I met Mamarazzi and her lovely husband for coffee today. We spent 2 hours chatting, laughing, and chatting some more. It was wonderful. She is an incredible woman. Her zest for life, her huge, caring heart....she has a beautiful soul and it shines through her eyes. I have never felt more comfortable with someone I have just met. I know her through her blog, but a face to face meeting can be a bit intimidating. Not so with her....what a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours.

Most people don't understand this whole blogging business. It is very hard to explain how easily we get to know each other through our blogs. Our writings, our posts, are mirrors into our souls and hearts at times. At times our posts are humorous, at times they are serious. We are able to express ourselves in writing much deeper than the oral word. In that sense we become connected to each other much faster and deeper than real life contact. We are also not distracted by physical deterrents....we rely on the written words and emotions expressed through words. Yes, we can be fooled and some people are not honest and hide behind the computer.

As far as I know, the bloggers I call my friends...the ones who visit and comment regularly and who I visit and comment regularly are REAL. I call you my bloggy friends. I hope to meet all of you IRL someday. I am sure if we do I will have the same wonderful experience I had today.

Mamarazzi...thank you for a wonderful couple of hours..thank you for the coffee....Big Daddy...thank you for a wonderful time today and for the are a perfect gentleman and totally enjoyed our conversations. We definitely need to meet again soon and bring our daughters next time. They will mesh just like we did!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun it;s lovely to meet up in real life as well as over the internet!

Melissa said...

What fun!! One of the things I love about blogging is all the wonderful people I have met. Girl, if you guys ever pass through Colorado, you had better give me a shout!

Happy Friday!!!

Heather said...

That is very cool. I do call you a friend. Amazing how I feel so connected to other people through this thing they call the internet.

storyteller said...

How very ‘kewl’ that you connected with a fellow blogger in this manner! Thanks for sharing ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Mamarazzi said...

I had such a great time. i wanna say ditto to everything you said here. you are wonderful and i kept saying through out the day how much i enjoyed our visit. Paul and i both said we could have stayed there all day. Well he said he would have moved to a comfy lunch spot, i guess the tiny starbucks chairs were hurting his bum.

i cannot wait to get the girls together and see you again! So. Much.Fun.

i bragged about it all on my blog toooo!

ChrisB said...

It's wonderful to hear that you guys enjoyed meeting up and had such a good time.

Jen said...

You are so lucky to have met Mamarazzi! Sounds like you are a super sweet fantastic lady as well. Can't wait to check out your blog :)

Slick said... I in the circle too??

I have not met one blogger in person yet, but I think it'd be way cool!

Glad ya'll had a good time

Jordan ( mamarazzi's kid) said...

Dear, Cassie did you get the treats that I sent you? I am so jealous that my mom got to meet your mom. I think they are making plans for us to meet in a couple of Saturdays. Wow you look cool in the jelly belly outfit what was your brother for Halloween? You can email me theVasquez3 at yahoo dot com (do you get the code?) I can't wait for you see my house!
Love Jordan

lisaschaos said...

It is a kind of nervous thing to meet a blogger as you see them a certain way and don't want to ruin that. But it's great when you click and I can't wait to meet another one. :)

Pamela said...

Yes.. I'm with Lisa. Everyone probably thinks I look like Liz Taylor, and all that...
ha ha ha. okay. enough humor.

I sometimes wonder if some bloggers live just down the street and I just haven't found their blog yet.

karisma said...

OKay! Karisma is duly jealous! Yes she is! I wanna meet up! (Except we will be drinking wine!) Meeeeaaahhhh! It is my dream to win the lotto and shout my favourite blogbuds a trip down under! How cool would that be? I Wanna hang out with you all!

swampy said...

Oh, how fun. I've not visited Mamarazzi but plan to go see her today.

Yes, I've met two bloggers: Julie at Another Chance Ranch and Vicki at Stir Until Smooth.

Two of my daughters have blogs and my newest daughter-in-law has a blog.

The Nekked Lizards are my cousins.

I know Ree at Confessions of Pioneer Woman from years ago before Al Gore invented the Internet.

The award you bestowed upon me has been duly noted at The Asylum. It's not yet on my side bar because I don't know how to put it there and am waiting on Kim at Nekked Lizard's Place to help me again.

Jennifer said...

That is such a great story! I read about it on Mamarazzi's blog and had to come check out your story! Thanks for sharing!

Sniz said...

Just came over from Mamarazzi's blog...I LOVE to read about when bloggy friends meet IRL. I met one of my best friends through blogging and come to find out...she lives three miles from me...what are the chances? Anyway, this is a lovely post and I'm glad you had such a wonderful visit!!!

mrs.cupcake said...

Just finished reading both your adoption stories, tears streaming.
What beautiful stories, your children are so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Stopping over from Mamarrazi's blog...gonna check out your adoption archives!

Mother Goose said...

I can't tell you how jealous I am!! I want to meet you too! You are my first blogging friend ever! that's monumental for me, since I was fairly new to blogging. I have been blogging for 13 months and I feel like a pro! But, I never forget those from the beginning who knew our real names and when I had 3 people on my blog roll! LOL

avtcoach said...

Alison, I am so happy for you and Mammarazi. Of course you were going to like her, I too can see what a kind spirit she is through her blog. You said it all perfectly about how we get to know each other. I think for one that we go to a blog to read "listen" on purpose, this makes us better listeners. And, we respond to a blog "on purpose". It is purposeful communication so we work at it, we strive to say and do the right thing. How wonderful to meet a blog friend. You too are a kind spirit and I will be back to visit!!

melissa said...

how lucky the both of you are!! i am SO jealous...of course!!!
but...that is wonderful!!
come over and enter my giveaway...k?

Supercool Hotmama said...

Oh, you put into words just how I feel about blogging. I agree wholeheartedly! Every blogmeet I've ever had felt just that way - so comfortable because you already know them and their lives. It's just like meeting up with an old friend...for the first time.

Mamarazzi is one of my fave blogfriends too! So I came to meet you. I'm so jealous!

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