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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun Monday

Our hostess with the mostess this week is Bee, the Dancer. Here is her assignment:

I'm relatively new to blogging, & I'm sure this has come up before, but I'd really like to know WHY you blog. Tell me how you got started or why you got started and why you keep it up. Plus there's a photo requirement: Post a picture of the one person/place/thing that most symbolizes the town or area where you live.

I don't know how I stumbled across my first blog, or even what blog it was. I do remember being fascinated and quickly found myself blog hopping for hours at a time. I decided to start a blog myself because it looked like fun and I thought it would be easier for family and friends to stay in tune with the daily happenings in our house. I routinely sent emails to family and friends with updates and pictures, I don't do that anymore, the blog is my voice now. My blog has become much more than I anticipated. I have met some wonderful people and I have even had the good fortune of meeting a fellow blogger IRL. Blogging has now become a part of my daily life, my routine, and it has become an addiction (I'll admit). At least it is healthy for me!!

The town I live in is a small suburb of San Francisco. I love its history and how we embrace it and honor it. I have lived in this town my entire life. We have many murals around town that depict the rich history, dating back to the Native Americans who first lived here.

There was a train station in the downtown area at one time. The trains just drive through town today. The station house was recently torn down, it was part of the ghost town area we used to haunt in high school, daring each other to enter.

The houses shown in the below mural are still standing today. The old station house is in the left of the mural. This is the main road in downtown and it used to be the highway before the interstate was built.

Our town sits on the San Francisco Bay and fishing was a major part of the economy. At one time the Bay was a wealth of sea life. Now, I wouldn't eat anything caught in the Bay...too much pollution. It is very sad.

This is one of the original mansions in the downtown area and it the most famous one. Yes, it is haunted and it is inhabited by humans, not just ethereal bodies. I went to high school with the children and the daughter now lives there with her family. I have heard many ghost stories about this house. I think it is beautiful!!

Of course, this is the most famous landmark of the area I live in....the Golden Gate Bridge. It is just a mere 30 minutes from my house. My in laws have a beautiful view of it from their front room.

That is end of my fun monday...head on over to Bee's to the others.


Mother Goose said...

i love it! I started blogging because of my sil. But, I did it because it was my journaling and tribute to my family. I strictly only had family members and found you through cynthia! I believe you were my first real blogger friend. or the one who talked back to me. LOL

I continued to just write for me, myself and I, and then came across another person and commented to her and she brought me 20 readers. SCARY! but very fun.

Jan said...

Great post. I, too, send out way fewer emails, and I'm amazed that some of my cousins still send me tons. I guess they still like me!

Sayre said...

I am always amazed at who reads me. Family and friends of course, but also people at work and people halfway across the world! I wish I could remember HOW I got started blogging or even why - it's been nearly three years and I'm still going! I'll wager that the experience will be the same for you.

bermudabluez said...

Terrific Post! I'm not playing FM this week, but I agree with you, blogging sure is addicting! least it's healthier than some other addictions. Beautiful pictures....especially the haunted mansion and the bridge!

Pamela said...

oh yeah.. the golden gate.
don't let him sit so close to the edge.. Aiiiiyaiiiiyiii!!! ha ha.

Another Monday and I did not participate. well.. maybe next week.

karisma said...

Just lovely! It is sad that the waterways are not clean anymore! It's like that down here too! Very very sad!

Hootin' Anni said...

Super Fun Monday entry!! I really LOVE the very last photo. That is an amazing view. And the art work...fabulous. Oh and even the haunted mansion...I'd love to go through it myself.

Blogging is great, and I'm glad you started. I had a chance to meet you through this venue.

My Fun Monday is shared tho I seem to have been overlooked on the list of participants. So, come on by if you can find time today, I'd love to have you visit with me.

Janis said...

I'm glad I found your blog, I will visit more often. San Fransico is one of the places I hope to visit one day, it looks like a very unique city.

{i}Post said...

One of my favorite places on earth! I traveled to SF about 3 years ago and fell in love with the area. Can't wait to go back!

storyteller said...

I’m delighted to have discovered you in the Blogosphere and enjoyed learning more about you from this post. I’m not sure I realized you lived in the Bay Area but the ‘pictorial’ tour and info you shared today was wonderful!
Hugs and blessings,

ChrisB said...

I think you know how much I enjoy your blog and I especially love the last photo as it brings back memories of my visits to Sam.

BeeDancer said...

I haven't told anyone in my "real life" about the blog cause I want it to be a place I can speak without hurting feelings. Not sure I'm ready to come out of the closet.

Slick said...

Wow....those paintings need to go on canvases!


Also, that's an awesome shot of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I live close to the PGA Superstore. That counts, right?

Lala said...

Ah the Frisco bay.... you just made this expat California girl a little homesick! Great post - nice to meet you!

Faye said...

I think you're doing a great service for your family with your blog Alison. Even though many family members may not be computer savvy, they can still click on a link and get the family updates. So much better that a string of e-mails. My friends know nothing about blogs but they will check mine out weekly. They don't comment, but that's okay if they just want to read. Will rely on blogger friends to comment. Is that the case with you as well?

Looking at your hometown photos, I'm thinking back to previous posts--are you the one whose family enjoys hiking along the coast and among the redwoods?

DysFUNctional Mom said...

That ghost house is awesome!

m (the misanthrope) said...

Alison - nice to "meet" you! Beautiful pictures! I've always wanted to see San Francisco but haven't yet :-(

melanie said...

Blogging is definitely a healthy addiction for me too. It's my main connection with my family since we don't live near any of them. And I feel like I don't need to send out lots of emails anymore, since it's all on my blog.

Love that last picture- amazing!!

melanie said...

Blogging is definitely a healthy addiction for me too. It's my main connection with my family since we don't live near any of them. And I feel like I don't need to send out lots of emails anymore, since it's all on my blog.

Love that last picture- amazing!!

grace said...

saves you time, I just tell my family to visit my blog and they will be very much updated