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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fun In the Sun

Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk is about 40 minutes from the forest and we usually go there for a day when we are camping. This year I think we picked the hottest day of the year to visit the Boardwalk. It was 100 degrees on the is never that hot there!!! Heat, not withstanding...we had a great time. We played in the ocean for a bit to cool off. This was nice and relaxing until we had to cross the hot sand to reach the boardwalk. I think the sand was about 200 degrees and on little bare feet...not so nice. By the time the mistake was realized, Michael was too far ahead of us and we couldn't help him. All we could do was watch in horror as our little boy ran as fast as he could across the sand screaming at the top of his lungs. I tried my best to catch him, to no avail. By the time I reached him he had reached the boardwalk and was standing there screaming in agony. Fortunately, there are feet washing stations and the cool water worked wonders for him. He did not have any blisters, thankfully, and was able to put his shoes and socks back on. I have never felt so powerless, as a mom, not being able to help my child in his time of need. It was a horrible feeling and I hope to never experience that again. Cassie fared much better. I helped her put her shoes on midway across the desert, so she was fine. After the cool water rinse and an ice cream cone, we were good to go!!
The kids rode lots of rides....some were scary for them.
Some were fun...
The last ride they did was the log ride and the good soaking they received was very refreshing in the 100 degree heat. We were very happy to get back to camp. It was much cooler in the forest...only 90 degrees!! It may seem like a small difference, but the 10 degrees and all the trees made a huge difference!!!


karisma said...

Oh my sweet! I just ran across that sand with you! Ouching all the way! I would like to disillusion you and say that you would not have worse times as a mama. But that would be lying! Ahhhh the trials and tribulations. Never mind! Just trust in the faeries!

Wow that log ride looks like lots of fun! But my god, check out the chem-trails in the sky behind you guys! Bloody government , poisoning the atmosphere!

melissa said...

that looks like so much fun!!! you are so lucky to live in such a great state.
michigan. it sucks!!

Tera said...

The log ride is STILL one of my faves! Looks like a blast...glad Michael was okay.

Heather said...

Sounds and looks like you had lots of fun! Glad Michael's feet were okay!

lisa marie said...

It totally looks like fun! I love rides! I know what you mean about the sand getting blistering hot. Glad Michael's feet were ok. :)

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

Don't you just love summertime!!!

Pamela said...

couldn't he get some kind of scouting merit badge for walking on coals of fire. ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Poor Michael! Poor Momma and Daddy! Makes me cringe just thinking about it!

A time or two we've had a little one step on a fire ant bed. The same helpless feeling of not being able to get to them fast enough to knock those nasty, stinging little critters off before they have bites all over their little legs.

The rest of the beach trip looks wonderful though and Michael learned how hot sand can get! And ice cream cures almost EVERYTHING! I learned that lesson from Daddy. :-)

Karen in SC

Irene Latham said...

Hi Alison - take me back to the fairy rings. :) Will let you know our travel plans as we make 'em. Thanks for visiting Michelle -- I think you really made her week. :) xxoo

dlyn said...

Looks like a fun, except for the hot sand. I can relate - the first time I went to the beach I was shocked at how hot the sand was - I thought my feet were going to melt!

Stella said...

It looks like such a fun day!! I can completely related to Michael's sand "adventure"! Someone stole my flip flops last year at the beach and I ended up having to walk all the way back to our condo was terrible! I bet that cool water and the log ride later on really relieved his pain, and yours!


Jennifer said... least he didn't decapitate himself trying to jump onto a roller coaster!!

Jennifer said... least he didn't decapitate himself trying to jump onto a roller coaster!!

Debra W said...

Wonderful pics! Ouch...Ouch...Ouch is all I could think of after reading about your son's poor feet!


bichonpawz said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!!! Glad the little guy's feet didn't get burned!