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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Fairy Ring

Two years ago our favorite aunt passed away the week before our camping trip to the redwoods. She was 92 years old and an incredible lady. Feisty is a great word to describe her. She was also incredibly generous and kind. Our daughter is named after her, we were very close. We decided to hold a special memorial type service for her during our trip. While hiking we found a Fairy Ring (see previous post if you don't know what this is) and fashioned a cross out of twigs and spanish moss. We placed the cross at the base of the largest tree and had an impromptu memorial service for our special Aunt Evelyn. We decided to visit Aunt Evelyn's Fairy Ring this year.

This is my favorite hike and we now call it the Auntie Evelyn Hike. We hike along this creek and at one point we have to cross it.

The foot bridge is now tied down, but there were years when it was missing and we had to carefully, very carefully cross the creek. The rocks can be very slippery and mossy. This year it was almost too easy with the foot bridge, but as I get older, easier is always better!!

As we are hiking I am keeping a lookout for Auntie Evelyn's Fairy Ring. I knew approximately where it was located, and I knew I would immediately recognize it when I saw it. As usual, when I am hiking in the forest, my mind wanders at times and I was afraid that we might have missed it during one of these periods. Just when I was thinking that that indeed had happened Dave suggested we take a water break. It sounded like a great idea, it was a very hot day. We stopped and I took a look at our surroundings. We were standing right in front of the Fairy Ring. (insert Twilight Zone music here) There was definitely fairies at work because I am sure we would have walked right past it!!!

Cassie fashioned a cross and we placed it in the exact same spot as before. We had a little memorial service for our Aunt Evelyn. We remembered her with smiles on our faces. I also said a little prayer for my friend who passed away in April. The spot is a very spiritual place for me. The whole forest is spiritual for me, but fairy rings in particular are spiritual places for me.

There is something mystical and magical about these fairy rings. I always have spirits, or orbs, in the pictures I take while in the rings. I feel a sense of peace and solitude. All my worries and cares are washed away and the power of the forest soothes my soul. No other place does that for me quite like the forest.
After leaving Auntie Evelyn's Fairy Ring our steps were lighter and our spirits were peaceful. The day was incredibly hot but suddenly a nice cool breeze began. The breeze caressed our bodies and dried our sweat. We felt like Auntie Evelyn and Uncle Dave (her husband) were giving us a hug and sending us their love. We thanked them and continued on our way. We now had a carefree jaunt in our step. The breeze stopped but the lightness in our hearts continued.


DysFUNctional Mom said...

Oh, this post gave me chills and tears. Beautiful! I always feel a closer spiritual connection when I'm in nature. It's much better than church for me.

storyteller said...

Oh my … this post is even better than the last (about the train ride) and give me goose bumps reading it! What a special way to remember Aunt Evelyn and celebrate her life ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Sherryl said...

What a special way to remember Auntie Evelyn. She was such a special lady and fiesty is an understatement. I used to love Christmas, one never knew what she was going to bring us from Avon. She also was the cutest little thing.... way to go Al!

lisa marie said...

What a nice memory of you Aunt Evelyn. :)

Mother Goose said...

What a special memory and bond you have made with your children in honor of their Auntie. It is so good when we connect with nature and God.

Irene Latham said...

Love the fairy ring! We are still deciding where to fly in (Vegas or SF), but I would love to visit you! xxoo